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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 15 comments Hi everyone,
I've revised the first chapter of my novel and need to get some feedback on it. Is anyone interested in doing a first chapter swap for crit and/or beta reading? Please let me know.

The book is a YA dystopian, first person pov, and I'm curious what you think is coming and what you think of my narrator.

I have a Google docs link if you just want to read it without a swap. Feedback much appreciated

message 2: by Cimone (new)

Cimone Watson | 93 comments I'd love to swap, because I'm trying to completely re-write my first chapter today, so you could be the first one to give feedback of the new version. Mine is YA scifi, first person, so we've got some similarities.

message 3: by Danelle (new)

Danelle Chase (danichase) | 16 comments Did you mean to spell Plebeians as Plebeons?

Also, keep your formatting the same. You have random paragraph breaks. I edited that in your Google Docs.

I didn't have much time to look beyond that, but those are some things I noticed.

message 4: by Ramla Zareen (new)

Ramla Zareen Ahmad | 38 comments Hey, I just clicked on your Google docs out of curiosity. I meant to read only a couple of paragraphs but ended up reading the entire chapter. I am not at all qualified to offer feedback since it's the first time I read something in this genre. But for what it's worth, I found it quite intriguing. I liked the first person pov and your writing just sucked me in. Enjoyed the humour too. Thanks for sharing ...and all the best!

message 5: by William Tyler (new)

William Tyler Davis (billytwrites) | 3 comments Hey Rachel,

I'd be happy to swap. My link is here on Goodreads, but I'm happy to send via Google if desired. It too is YA, I'm working on 2nd draft of my 60k word NaNoWriMo manuscript.

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