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Heather (bookables) This is where we will be discussing Part 4 (Pages 261-357) of The Edge of Everything.

Please keep to those pages & well as Part 1,2 & 3 in this board! We don't want to spoil upcoming parts of the book!

Heather will be leading this discussion! Happy reading!

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Heather (bookables) Here we are! The last part of The Edge of Everything!

SO much happened in this last part, I'll try to do my best to summarize it all up!

We left off with X having a chance to finally escape the Lowlands; the Lords want him to take one last soul and of course we learn that it's Zoe's father.

I knew it was to good to be true, I also knew that Zoe's Dad didn't die. Insanity, I tell you!

X finds Zoe and tells her all of this and surprising she wants X to take her father's soul but only after talking to him herself. They go find her Dad and from there things get even more intense.

Turns out Zoe's Dad didn't die in a caving accident, he just left everything & everyone behind and moved to a remote part of British Columbia. Zoe is infuriated at her Dad because who wouldn't be? He put her, her mother and Jonah through so much!

We learn more about Zoe's Dad and more specifically his history with Stan. Zoe's Dad had alot to do with Burt & Betty's death. He didn't tell Stan to kill him but hinted that they might have been hiding some money. Ohhh Zoe's Dad, Stan is horrible. I feel like he should have known what would come of getting Stan involved.

Meanwhile, while this whole intense conversation is happening Jonah is trying to call Zoe because he's home alone with the dogs and a huge storm is coming and he is scared and bored.

Which leads me to my one qualm with the book, their Mom. I get letting your teenager make their own mistakes and what not but I mean Zoe just leaves for Canada and just tells her Mom to trust her.

What?? If I was her Mom I would be freaking out! I also would not leave Jonah home alone. I just feel like the Mom should have been more present and a little bit stricter perhaps? I know that situations are rough for them and she is doing the best she can but I still feel like it was just an odd situation.

I forgot to mention Ripper is there as well. She's come to help X collect this last soul. Oh I love Ripper.

After the conversation X comes to collect Zoe's Dad soul. It gets pretty sad for awhile. I'm feeling so conflicted on whether or not X should go through with it. Zoe's Dad tells her if him dying is what she needs, he will do it. SO many tears.

Zoe eventually decides that X should not take her Dad's soul and lets him go free because she doesn't want to turn out like him. She wants him to leave and to never hear from him again.

I applaud her decision. I think it was the right one to do. Meanwhile, remember that insane storm Jonah was going through? The Lords have decided to pay Jonah a visit and not X for not going through with his soul collecting.

X and Ripper rush to Zoe's home to find a ton of Lords waiting for them. Of course Deverish is there, that guy is the worst! X and Ripper decide to try to fight them off even though they know they will lose.

X wants to save Jonah but the Lords decide that is out of the question. A fight begins but then Zoe's Mom roars up the driveway and runs over some Lords. Ok I gave Zoe's Mom a hard time but that was pretty cool!

Deverish talks to Zoe's Mom, and she tells him X is the reason for all their heartache and trouble which is kind of true. She tells them just to take X meanwhile looking for Jonah in the rubble that is now her house.

Just when you think all hope is lost and that Jonah is dead, an old freezer door opens and out climbs Jonah and the two dogs he saved. So happy he's ok!

The book ends with X going back to the Lowlands but promising he will find a way to Zoe. Two worlds could never keep them apart. He leaves Zoe a note just with one thing written on it, X.

That was it! That was the first book of The Edge of Everything series!
I really enjoyed this book and the pacing of it! The characters were interesting to read about as well as the mixture of fantasy and contemporary!

What were your thoughts on the book?
Please share!

Don't forget tomorrow at 4 P.M PST, Jeff Giles will be doing a LIVE AMA on this group!

If you have any questions for him, please join and ask!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined in this readalong!

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