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Heather (bookables) This is where we will be discussing Part 2 (Pages 73-171) of The Edge of Everything.

Please keep to those pages & well as Part 1 in this board! We don't want to spoil upcoming parts of the book!

Heather will be leading this discussion! Happy reading!

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Heather (bookables) Hello! Are you ready to talk about Part 2 tomorrow because I know that I am!

Share your thoughts on Part 2 in this thread!

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Heather (bookables) Hello everyone! Let's talk about Part 2 of The Edge of Everything!

Ok so a lot happened in Part 2!
If you haven’t read Part 1’s discussion led by Dana please check it out in this board!

We start Part 2 with Zoe’s Mom keeping X safe in a garage which is super nice and super weird. I mean let’s be real, we really don’t know who this guy is!

X drifts in and out for awhile, the pain of not collecting Stan’s soul and being away from the Lowlands is really hurting him.

We see flashbacks of X in the Lowlands and we learn that he is a bounty hunter sent to collect souls and to bring them back to the Lowlands.
Every bounty hunter has done something horrible in their live which is why they are sent to the Lowlands. I believe bounty hunters are collected by other bounty hunters if that makes sense?

We learn that X has done nothing horrible which begs the question of ‘Why the heck is he there??’

Zoe’s family beings to learn more about X and you can tell X and Zoe are falling for one another. Zoe even gives X his name because he does not have one.

So there’s an obvious case of insta love in this book which I actually don’t mind. I like X and Zoe’s dialogue.

We also learn more about Zoe’s Dad and the crimes he committed when he was younger, especially with Stan. He’s looking more and more not to be a great guy.
I do not think the Dad is dead at all, my gut tells me he might be in the Lowlands somewhere but I could be wrong! We shall see!

We learn more about X and how he was born in the Lowlands and that he does not know his mother or father or even if he has any siblings. Getting weirder….

We also learn that Stan killed someone else. I mean this guy, just the worst.

A lord comes to talk to X and I love all the supernatural elements of this. The house starts grouning. The trees split, it’s a really cool scene.

X goes to collect Stan’s soul and succeeds. I really don’t feel any pity for Stan, he’s just a horrible guy. X takes Stan to the Lowlands and he gets punished. A lord named Dervish really hates our man X, and makes all the other prisoners beat him up but luckily X’s friends Ripper and Banger help out.

Another lord named Regent stops the punishment. Says to Deverish that X is special (something is defiantly brewing, I mean who is X??)

We then learn that X’s mother is a Lord and that she is locked away somewhere in the Lowlands. Things start to make a little more sense now!

Side note— Really love Ripper & her dialogue. I know she is the author, Jef Giles’s favorite character and I can see why! Very entertaining to read about her!

X is brought to the Lords for a trial and it’s not going so well so X decides that the man that truly rules the Lowlands should decide his fate because the Lords aren’t really the ones in charge.

I can defiantly see how the Lowlands is a resemblance of Hell. With the Lords and collecting souls, it seems to resemble a Heaven & Hell thing, very interesting.

Ripper points out that the gold bands the Lords wear around their neck aren’t signs of power but chains! Vey interesting!

Part 2 ends with Regent visiting X in his cell and telling him he must collect one more soul without any problems and X WILL BE SET FREE!
Say what??
Regent says that it is no trap and even gives X his real name, Tariq.

So that’s the end of Part 2!
I hope you enjoyed some of my random dialogue with the recap! I like to think I’m funny & witty but I know I am probably not!

What do you think will happen in Part 3?

-I am guessing the soul X has to collect has to be related to Zoe in some way. Perhaps even her Dad? Could be!
- We now know Regent’s real name, will that come into play?
- I hope we get to see more Ripper. I really enjoy her!
- Also Stan. He’s in the Lowlands but I feel like we are not quite done with that horrible guy yet.
- X’s Mother! Are we going to meet her? Learn more about her?
- So many questions!

This book is defiantly fast paced and I enjoy it! Not once have I got the feeling that this story needs to pick up, it moves very quickly.
I am very intrigued with the Lowlands and especially about the Lords and The one true power that rules it, I hope we learn more!

Please share your thoughts and opinions on Part 2 down below!

Remember to read Part 3 this week and next Monday Dana will lead the discussion!

Thanks so much & happy reading!

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