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What is the scope of Hinglish books in India?

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message 1: by Aditya (new)

Aditya Goel | 1 comments Mod
Welcome readers and writers, i want you to put your thoughts against the language commonly used on whatsapp and facebook in india i.e. Hinglish... and what is the scope of books written in this language. English script with Hindi language. I personaly feel it more comfortable to read and understand. Give your opinions.

message 2: by DALIP (new)

DALIP (dalipess) | 1 comments The Scope Is Pretty Bright As Such Books Are Far Easier To Adapt For Bollywood 💯 Crore Films..Look At CB How Many Of His Books That Would Beg To Sell At A Redlight Signal Are Raking In The Moolah And He Goes Smirking 😏 All The Way To The (Swiss) Bank After Each Book 🚀.
There Would Be No Dearth Of Decent & Indecent Authors With Manuscripts If The Publishing Giants Came Forward..The Short Story Segment & Quickie Reads Have Already Captured A Chunk Of The Market...Why Not Hinglish Next...Would Be Welcome With Open Arms Once Floodgates Thrown Open!!

message 3: by Rakhi (new)

Rakhi Jayashankar (rakhijayashankar) | 1 comments There is a lot of scope fr Hinglish books in India because most of the people people Hind and would like to read books with little bit of Hinglish. But on a literary platform, those books might not be great. That doesn't matter as long as the sales are high

message 4: by Aakash (new)

Aakash Singh (aakashdweep) | 1 comments Books are for entertainment too. And for entertainment there cannot be a better language than Hinglish in India.

message 5: by Swapna (new)

Swapna Rajput | 1 comments Well, it is really good.
I am saying this because I have published my first book- 'The Beautiful Roses' in 2015 and still I get so many orders for this book.


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Don't forget to share your reviews which will be appreciated.
Thank you!

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