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message 1: by The_Mad_Swede (new)

The_Mad_Swede | 8 comments Hi!

I just discovered that someone has managed to list
The Angel's Shadow (The Scorpion, #6), published in English by Cinebook (ISBN: 9781849181532),
as a translation of
Le trésor du Temple (Le Scorpion, #6),
which is incorrect since it is actually a translation of
L'ombre de l'Ange (Le Scorpion, #8).

The entry had other issues (like author name in the title, which I have amended), so it is likely that the person who entered it didn't realise that the first two English language editions covered the first four French albums.

At any rate, I seem to recall having tried to change an original title on a previous occasion only to create more jobs for other librarians by not changing that which I attempted to, but changing something on the collected post. So, I figured I'd ask for some help before making a mess of things.

Hopefully someone can help me fix this.

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 20779 comments I've separated "The Angel's Shadow" from "Le trésor du Temple" and combined it with "L'ombre de l'Ange".

message 3: by The_Mad_Swede (new)

The_Mad_Swede | 8 comments Thank you, Arenda! Much obliged.

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