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message 1: by Soraya (new)

Soraya Nair (sorayanair) Hi,

I'm a publishing agent for a self publishing services company and would love to help you publish your work, from editorial work to working on a marketing plan - TamaRe House can do it all!

I am looking for any genre and any length book, so yours could be perfect!

Take a look at my blog page for more information on me and the company I work for -

Please contact me with any questions! Send me an email at SORAYA@TAMAREHOUSE.COM with the headline ‘PUBLISHING QUERY’

I look forward to hearing from you!

message 2: by Arkeya (new)

Arkeya Carter | 1 comments Hello! I will be reaching out for details.. Thanks..
If you get some time check out my blog....

message 3: by Mellie (new)

Mellie (mellie42) | 541 comments Beware people this is a scam. She keeps popping up looking for writers who don't do their research. You will be funnelled into an expensive vanity press.

message 4: by Dante (new)

Dante Carlisle | 13 comments the funny thing about self publishing is that you don't need anyone to help you, or an agent to get started. just do it. if you need help ask one of us who has done it by ourselves and most of us are more than happy to help

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