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What are your thoughts on JK Rowling's adult detective series?
Audra Burwell Audra Jan 23, 2017 08:32PM
By Robert Galbraith:

Cuckoo's Calling
Career of Evil

I think they've gotten steadily better and better. I have read each of the series as they have come out and although I haven't always cared much about the investigation that Cormoran Strike is conducting, I love Strike and Robin, his Girl Friday. I think JK Rowling is hitting her stride on writing for an adult audience. She seems to be especially good at developing characters over a series. Thoughts?

I like these books. They are dark and gritty, especially Silkworm and Career of Evil. I can relate to Cormoran quite well. There are some very dark characters, to say the least. There is a lot of contrast between the "tender" side of Cormoran with his feeling for Robyn and also the tough as nails, cold stone analytical mind of a Private Investigator. There are many, many sharp contrasts of characters in these books. There are some very horrific subjects being written about but, it's written in such a way, and this is my opinion, we can see the humanity behind the tragedies and what may have led to them. There is a certain element of compassion towards the victims, obviously, however, I felt some for the perpetrators as well. I found myself wondering what kind of childhood must these people have had to commit such horrible acts towards others? It is from here my compassion came for these people. One of the characters that come to mind is Shanker. Here is a guy who lives on the fringe of the law and is, from all accounts not someone to invite over for dinner but, you get a sense of compassion for him, at least I did because he is fiercely loyal to Cormoran because of the events of their youth. I liked the way Galbraith incorporated him into the story. It is a testament to how well it is written by the author. There is a lot of depth and layers to all the characters in these books, I quite enjoy that.

I really like her protagonist. Very well written.
I was a little weary of this book at first (since I totally disliked A Casual Vacancy), but all three have more than fulfilled my expectations.

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Greg I also totally disliked A Casual Vacancy, in fact I didn't finish it. But I have thoroughly enjoyed the first three Strike books and will be reading # ...more
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The murders tend to be incredibly gruesome, but I enjoy the series very much. The murderers have always been a surprise to me. Looking forward to the continuation of the series. Really hope that Cormoran's dad shows up eventually. (I always picture him as a Mick Jagger type.)

I agree. I personally, was hesitant to develop a connection with the characters at first, but they grew on me from one book to the next. As for the investigations, they seemed to become increasingly dark and convoluted.

Enjoy the series but the murders are getting too gruesome. I am curious to find out what happens with the relationship in book 4 so plan to skim for details!

I love it!
Yes, some parts are a bit far fetched and the murders are gruesome, especially the one in Silkworm, but I still enjoyed the books.
I also agree that the characters seem to be developed throughout the series.
So far, the third book, Career of Evil, has been the best in relation to the characters. It portrays Strike and Robin from various angles and gives more of their own thoughts. And its great to see their perspectives on the same events and how each one takes the developments.
So, overall, yep, this series is definitely works great for me!
Can't wait for the next book to come out!

I first listened to Lethal White and then The Cuckoo's Calling. Both were extremely well-written except for a couple of things.

In Lethal White the solution didn't necessarily follow from the premises developed in the investigation. I want to be able to figure these things out if I pay attention to the investigation.

In The Cuckoo's Calling I found it highly unlikely that Strike would find exactly what he was looking for so quickly at Lady Bristow's home, and I found it highly unlikely that Strike wouldn't have been armed when he was expecting an murderous visitor at the end of the novel.

But the way Rowling writes is amazing. I never would have read a Strike book if I'd known it'd been written by the author of the Harry Potter series. I can't relate that fantasy stuff at all and wouldn't have thought Rowling was capable of such a well-written crime novel.

Now I plan to read books two and three in the series.

Seriously, JK Rowling/ Robert Galbraith's Cormoran Strike series is absolutely awesome. Detective/mystery genres are definitely one of my favorite genres. Robin and Strike's relationship is just great. And I LOVE how the books discuss the Killers POV. that is just so interesting. And I also like to notice little details and see if I can figure out who the murderer is hahah.

The descriptiveness in Rowling's writing is so fantasizable (is that even a word). Same with the Dragon Tattoo series :) Every detail is so interesting and tells you more about the characters or their personalities etc.

Overall, the series is fantastic. Cannot wait for the 4th book in the series! When is that coming out btw? anyone know?

Not a fan. The author writes in a style that comes off as formulaic and even a bit artificial. I called it 'fussy' in my review (linked below) of the three books so far.

The characters, unlike the Harry Potter series, are stereotypes at best. And not good ones. Some of them we know more about than is necessary. The detail doesn't contribute to the story telling. Richness is one thing in writing, this borders on unneeded verbosity.

I'll just post a link to my goodreads review (for all three):

Too Too slow and too detail

So, anyone read Lethal White yet? Without any spoilers (because I'm yet to read it!) what are the thoughts? I've been reading that for some people they didn't like the first book. And I feel like its bee ages since the third book. I'm almost afraid not to like it since i've loved all the characters in the last three.

I think the editor should have taken much of Career of Evil out. How much do we need to hear from Robin about her boyfriend? Did anyone notice that Cormoran is a little too hairy? Otherwise I liked Career of Evil but not the first book.

I like the books, but I somehow end up being more interested in the characters than who the killer is. In the second book, I couldn't bring myself to care which of all those assholes killed the writer. The third one either dragged or there was something wrong with it that I can't explain. I find it a bit frustrating how in the first one, we are beaten over the head with the idea that rich and famous people are just insufferable. Then we get a bit more of this when we meet those belonging to the upper class. And as I have never met anyone belonging to the so-called upper class, I could buy the idea that it's like that, but I can't help but wonder if it's not Rowling's own views coming through here rather than an attempt to portray a particular group of people. I wouldn't care about this so much, but it gets repettitive when everyone ends up being an asshole for one reason or another and is unlikable. We had that whole bit with the leftists as well.They were portrayed as an awful bunch as well. Maybe we could have done without politics. Also, I get a certain vindictive pleasure when I get to read howawful Mthew is, but by the fourth book it began to feel as though Rowling has some sort of victim complex. Robin lives with a horrible man, Strike is awful to women and is using them. Jimmy used his girlfriend and apparently she even got all those socialist ideas from him. All in all, men are awful.It feels as if Rowling is putting a bit too many of her personal issues with regard to men into this book. Even the scene where Robin argues with Mathew right before her wedding reminds me of an article which stated Rowling argued with her first husband before her own wedding or somethiing similar. So when she writes romance, she seems to want to prove, beyond a shado of a doubt, that the first man is absolutely horrible, which of course makes anyone that comes after him look better because it can hardly get worse. This definitely feels unfair. I also get frustrated whenever it only mentions that Strike told Robin something or realised something. It would be far more satisfying if we got to experience his discoveries rather than being excludedd from them. Though I suppose it is a matter of the genre and having a private detective as the main lead.

Too much detail. Too long. Too much explanation. Too many pages. Where was the editor?

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The cormoran strike series?

UMM HELLA AWESOME! I mean- the thriller-crime-detective story is seriously sooo goood. I just kept wanting to read MORE. Such a page turner! can’t wait for the 4th book’s release!

I enjoyed the series once I got into the first one but I admit it a little longer than usual. I enjoyed spotting the nods to the HP series. It was cleverly done. I agree the books improved as they were written. Is there to be a fourth? I haven’t heard anything to suggest that one is coming out. Does anyone have differing information? Please share if you do. Thanks.

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