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message 1: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 31 comments Text:

1. Stepan Trofimovitch as self-styled "exile" to the provinces.

2. His austere patroness Varvara Petrovna Stavrogin of Skvoreshniki

3. Their co-dependent love/hate relationship

4. Two anecdotes where Varvara vows never to forgive Stepan

5. Stepan as Varvara's creation; his quest for intellectual relevance

6. The pair fail to make the social scene in Petersburg

7. Stepan sponges in Berlin for 4 months, then returns to Varvara

8. Stepan's circle: Liputin, Shatov, Virginsky, Lyamshin, Kartusov

9. Liberation of the serfs and attendant pontification

message 2: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 31 comments The short sub-chapters (~1500 words each) are a by-product of the book's serialization in The Russian Messenger 1871-1872 wikipedia

Perhaps ironically, Stepan is hired to educate Varvara's son, yet neglects his own.

message 3: by Amyjzed (new)

Amyjzed | 50 comments I recently watched a great series based on Bleak House. In some regards Stepan Trofimovich reminds me of the character Skimpole, who kept repeating that he knew nothing of the details and responsibilities of life and money because he was "but a child."

I guess Stepan Trofimovich is portrayed as benignly incompetent and more of a point of comedy in the beginning of the book.

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