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Winter's Heart (The Wheel of Time, #9)
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Bill | 1596 comments Part 2

Please keep all discussion and speculation to the events of Part 2 (Chapters 1-4).

No spoiler tags required. Though it would be highly appreciated if you Uncheck Add to my Update Feed to avoid accidentally spoiling this for your good read friends.

Please do not discuss events from later chapters/books. Referring back to events from a previous section/book is fine.

message 2: by Rob, Mayor of Ghost Town (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rob (robzak) | 6374 comments Mod
Perrin finds out Faile's been taken and goes nuts.

Rand has plans to try to cleanse Saidar.

Sumant | 522 comments I think Rob has perfectly summarized first 4 chapters because most of them are told from pov of Faile.

Bill | 1596 comments At least Faile is smart enough to know how to act with the Aiel.

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