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Anita | 13 comments I believe that i read it in december. Pretty sure it was written within the last 5 years.
The story begins with one of the guys sitting at a bar trying to get his "date" to notice him. He told his datw that he would be wearing a college sweater, but everytime the other looked to search for him, he always looked past him. When the guy comes to the bar (outside bae as they are at a beach), college sweater guy introduces himself and the other guy is shocked and mad because cs is nothing likw he asked for. Later they meet back, and the other mentiona that they should try to get their money back because they didnt get the type of person they wanted. And college sweater guy replies that he got exactly the type of person he wanted.

I really want to read this again!

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Anita | 13 comments I found it! doubt anyone wants it but...
Bear It All

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