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message 1: by Jade (new)

Jade | 21 comments I have been searching with no luck for two romantic animated (possibly made-for-TV) movies I remember watching back in the late 90's.

The first was on YTV on halloween at least two years in a row, featuring a blonde female protagonist, a witch who abducted her and I can't remember what the male love interest looked like. I believe a family crest may have played a role in the plot somehow. It was either created in the 80's or 90's, based on the colours and animation style. I only saw a few minutes of the show in each of the two years, so that's all I can really remember of it.

The second aired on TV (and may have been made for TV or may not have been). It was set in a Middle Eastern/Arabic/Indian/Moghul-inspired setting. The male protagonist left for a while, and in the mean time the female protagonist was forced/guilted into marrying someone else, and so she removed her heart from her chest (it appeared to be a glowing heart symbol) and she put it in a large jar or vase. When the male protagonist returned, it was too late and the female protagonist began to fade away without her heart. She most likely died, as I remember it not being a happy ending... This was on TV (most likely YTV) between the mid to late 90's. The colours were rather muted (no real bright colours at all), and the animation style could have been from 60's onward.

If anyone has an idea of what either of these movies is called, I'd greatly appreciate it.


message 2: by Malaraa (new)

Malaraa | 335 comments They don't sound familiar to me, but I've passed the info on to the nearest person who knows more about animated movies than I do. I'll be back if they know! :)

message 3: by Jade (new)

Jade | 21 comments Thanks! :)

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