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Lilkadykitty :) | 98 comments Mod
Here we will be chatting about the ending of this book.

Kris (xokristim) | 114 comments Mod
I thought Maggie and Jamie's neighbors were so sweet when they were on the stand trying to defend the love Jamie had for Maggie. I loved the stories the told about them. I thought the ending was great! Loved this book!!

Lime (opaluna) I'm very glad that Jamie was not jailed and has another chance at life. I believe the whole moral of the book is to forgive, which is why it's called "Mercy". Overall, I enjoyed the book!

Lilkadykitty :) | 98 comments Mod
I agree with both of you. Opal that is so true. Look at the last page where Allie and Cam forgave each other and are starting new.

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