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Lilkadykitty :) | 98 comments Mod
Here we will chat about chapters 16-19.

Kris (xokristim) | 114 comments Mod
My heart broke for Allie when she saw the pictures of Cam and Mia are together. i was shocked when Allie told Cam she didn't want a divorce. Cam's letters in between chapters frustrated me to no end. I'm still torn on Allie and Cam's relationship.

Lime (opaluna) I wish Allie just divorced him already. It's pretty obvious that Allie and Cam's marriage just doesn't work out.

Lilkadykitty :) | 98 comments Mod
So agree with you Opal. There relationship is going down but Allie is still holding out hope. I wish she would just divorcee Cam already and let him go be with Mia. I am still holding out for the results of the trial.

Kris (xokristim) | 114 comments Mod
She doesn't know anything about cam and mia though does she? I forget lol

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