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Alexander Hamilton (the_a_dot_ham) | 96 comments Mod
Discuss all grievances of John Adams here.

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Patti | 54 comments Although this is technically supposed to be the place to discuss Chapter 10, I just wanted to say one thing: "It is finished." I did truly enjoy chapters 11 and 12 in particular, the post-presidency years (although reading about the presidential era itself did leave me feeling somewhat battered and bruised). I am not ready to write an "official" review (and don't know that I will be anytime soon, if at all) but I will say that overall I enjoyed the book and learned so much about JA. It was meticulously researched, and McCullough obviously has great admiration for his subject, and there was much to admire. I was especially taken by many of the quotes from JA's writings in the final chapters, a few of which I truly loved and might cite later if the spirit hits. I was even moved to tears in a few places in those final chapters, especially in reference to comments about the Revolution and the 18th century. Perhaps I will add more specifics later. Just one last remark for now-- I felt that perhaps the author identified a great deal with his subject, which might account for what I interpreted as an unnecessarily harsh tone in passages dealing with certain of Adams's enemies. I've now written much more than I had intended and I'm very sleepy, so -- au revoir.

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