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message 1: by Felix (new)

Felix (felschr) | 3 comments Hi,

I noticed that the the page count of my Sherlock Holmes book seems to differ. I'm reading it on Play Books and funnily when reading it seems to have a bug and just shows the page count as 1090 pages. It shows the entire 2nd volume on page 1079. The store listing has the correct page count though: 1856 pages. Amazon also lists 1090 pages on the store but other pages including & list it with 1856 pages as well.

Unfortunately I still didn't manage to become a librarian myself so I need someone else to fix this. I've seen so many other small issues on Goodreads but creating a forum post for each of them is just a hassle when I could just edit it myself.

I'm referring to this edition (ISBN 9780553897449):

Thank you!

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 6662 comments I don't find that at Bantam Books to get a page count. For ebooks, we must use the page count provided by the publisher.

message 3: by Melanie (new)

Melanie (mvalente89) | 1764 comments Found the book on the Penguin Random House (Bantam is one of their imprints) website ( which lists it as 1856 pages. Corrected the page count.

message 4: by Elizabeth (Alaska) (last edited Jan 22, 2017 10:20AM) (new)

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 6662 comments Thanks, Melanie. I searched there (not Bantam), but it did not produce a result for that ISBN.

message 5: by Felix (new)

Felix (felschr) | 3 comments Thank you for updating. The game is afoot!

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