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message 1: by Eline (new)

Eline | 2 comments Hi there ! I recently joined goodreads and this is a really fun app. Of course, If you're into books this is amazing.
But I want to meet some friends on here because nobody in my friends group likes to read .. sucks!
I would like to know the books you al read and what you think of certain stories.
I like to read everything a bit. There isn't a genre that I do't have a book from!
Hope to meet some of you!

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris Taylor | 1 comments Welcome to Goodreads its a great site and you'll meet ppl from all over the globe

message 3: by Zee (new)

Zee Monodee (zee_monodee) | 60 comments Hi Eline! Pleasure to meet you! LOL, you've come to the best place to meet like-minded readers :)

message 4: by Candy (new)

Candy | 1 comments Hello Eline!! Welcome to Goodreads!! This is a great place to meet people, and get recommendations for good books.

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