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message 1: by Feven (new)

Feven (feveen) | 1 comments So this was a fairly new story about a year or two ago. It was about a high school girl who sees ghosts. This has made her an outcast and labeled as a "freak" especially because the spirits of some deceased students like to mess with her and just general hazing to make her fidget, flinch or make her have an outburst and seem like a weirdo in the eyes of other students. But one of the popular guys dies maybe or falls into a coma IDK but anywho there was foul play and his spirit goes to her and that's where the chapters end.
I really wish someone knows this. I really did like the story.
Thanks !

message 2: by Athi (new)

Athi Joseph | 2 comments i read a book 3-4 year back. it was about a teenage girl (who was an actress) being kidnapped from the film location,when they were shooting her kidnapping scene on a car. but the car didnt stopped as planned it went on and on since she was drugged. anyways he took her somewhere locked in a room. he used to abuse and rape her along with the other girls he used to keep in other rooms. she used to talk with another girl next room through walls. the kidnapper kills that girl one day and gets the heroine to hide the body. meanwhile, the girl see in tv that her "dead body" was claimed to be found somewhee and her mother rcognised her body with the help of a custom made pendent her mother got for her years back. a new neighbour starts to live in the next door (i think he is in some sort of witness program) . he tries to talk to the girl (, ignoring the protests from his man who is protecting him,) through the window though she dosent talk to him. he met the girls kidnapper one day introducing himself as the new neighbour while the kidnapper claims to be the girls father and tell him that the girl is mentally unstable. long story short, he understands that the girl needs help, helps her to kill the kidnapper, saves her run off together before finding the diary of her kidnapper in which there were many phone numbersand get the girl to safety,to her mother. attempts to kill her happen again. finally from a phonecall the girl came to know that her other is behind the whole scheme.
pls help me

message 3: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 1 comments I read a book that was about a girl (I think her name was Cassidy but she changed her name later in the story), who was a werewolf, that was rejected by her mate and was stabbed with a silver knife but was found by another girl that called themselves the Ace. Aces' always have blue eyes and they are more powerful than normal werewolves. The girl finds out that she is an ace and eventually gets together with the Alpha of the ace. However, she has to go back to her old family and they all want her back but she remains with her current new family. Then, she learns about what happened to her mother and how her mother wants the girl to die because she was jealous that she wasn't an ace. The mother eventually dies but the Alpha of the ace's old mate comes back from the dead and messes with everyone's mind, telling everyone that the girl is the bad one and so she leaves, heartbroken and betrayed, to explore and meets another lone werewolf in New York. They go exploring together but back home, the Alpha realized his mistakes and looks for the girl. He finds her in Japan and tries to convince her to come back but she leaves to the airport with the lone werewolf (who is also an ace). However, she choose the Alpha over the lone werewolf and she goes back home but leaves the lone werewolf behind. I think there is another story (sequel) about the lone werewolf that the author is writing.
I would really like to know the title of this amazing book! I really enjoyed it but completely forgot the title... Thanks!

message 4: by Athi (new)

Athi Joseph | 2 comments i have no idea acually!!!!!! did u find te book? i found mine :)

message 5: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (chloesevern) Hey everyone?? I need some help with finding a book. I have read it before and I really really adore it and now I can't find it anywhere. It's about a nurse who works in the same hospital as her husband. A doctor who cheated on her with another nurse. She was heartbroken. She continued to work in the same hospital has her ex husband. But then starts being attracted to a maintenance man who also worked in the hospital. They were attracted to each other. I know it's vague, but I can't remember what it is called nor the names of the characters, and I don't know whether the author took it down or not. I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this. It would really mean a lot to me, since I can't get this novel out of my head.

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2 comments Hi so I read this book awhile ago, but I can't remember the name. Basically, it's about this girl that is forced to marry or live with her sister's husband. I don't remember if the sister died or just left. But the girl is trying to take care of her sister's son, I think his name was Oliver. Then her sister comes back and with the help of her mother-in-law try to fool everyone by saying she had amnesia, she was really bitchy so was the mother-in-law. I think the husband was a CEO. Oliver makes friends later on and he calls her "barbie". And the husband has asthma and so does baby Oliver. And there is this 2nd CEO and he's like blind in one eye. Please help me, I have been trying to find this book and it is driving me insane.

message 7: by Mini (new)

Mini Bacc | 6 comments Wattpaders! I need your help. I'm finding a book about this girl who was heartbroken because the guy she loved left her. I remember she have some guy friends who are really close to her and they protect her from Him(the guy who left Her) when He came back.
One of her friends has an apple farm, his name starts with letter B, I'm not sure if it was Brian or Bryce. Another guy friend likes her. I think there is a guy friend whose name is Ian, and then another guy I don't remember the name. She has a big sister, I think her name was Alex, but I'm not really sure. They don't have parents anymore.
When she was little, her father made a tree house(?) or maybe inside the tree, it was like her castle and she was the princess.
I remember a scene where one of her friend was brokenhearted and he went to her house and then she sang 'The Three Bear song' to comfort him.
Oh! I also remember that girl was sick, she's dying and all her friends got mad because she didn't tell them, only the guy friend who likes her knows because he's the one who help her keeping it a secret.
The main character guy was like a gangster or a mafia and he left her for her safety (2)
I don't remember the title and author but I still remember some scenes in the story. I hope someone also had read this story. Thank you in advance ♡

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