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Vampire's Revenge (Secrets of the Ancients Book 1) by Juliet Spade Juliet Spade

Title: Vampire's Revenge (Secrets of the Ancients Book 1)
Author: Juliet Spade
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance
Formats Available: Mobi & Pdf or free on (usa only)
Time Frame: 4 Weeks


Eva is a vampire who has walked the earth for over three hundred years. She pursues one goal: to hunt down and destroy the remainder of the vampire race.

As Eva seeks information on the ancient and powerful group of vampires who took her human life from her, she travels nomadically from one city to another to eliminate her own kind. She stops her mission only long enough to satisfy her thirst for human blood.

When a lead brings Eva to a small town in New York, she finds herself involved with a group of local mortals. Primarily, Eva finds herself inescapably drawn to the charming and rugged Kyle, the owner of a bar which is a lynchpin in Eva’s investigation.

As Kyle gets closer to discovering Eva’s true identity, the stakes of her agenda are revealed to be even higher than she knew. With enemies old and new seeking restitution for ancient unfinished business, Eva begins to realize that she may not be able to face down the demons of her past without losing the man who has come to love her.

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Here is the link to VAMPIRE'S REVENGE on free on

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