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Tanya (bookaholic22) | 733 comments Mod
Post your reviews for the Read Your Bookshelf A-Z challenge here :)

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Victoria Scott | 1131 comments Do you want us to write proper reviews, or would just updates count? :)

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Tanya (bookaholic22) | 733 comments Mod
Proper reviews please :)

message 4: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Holden Stoner

John Williams writing is some of the most beautiful I have ever read and he is now one of my most revered authors up there with Harper Lee and Tolkien. He did not write many books but I think this is his best.

It is quite simply the story of a mans life from poor farmers son in the Depression to his death as a University academic. His life seemingly amounts to nothing, it could pretty much be written off as ultimately depressing, nothing of note happens to why is it so good.

Quite simply because the writing is beautiful. It explores the human condition so well - hopes and fears, relationships and ultimately what gets us through on a day to day basis. It does all this without being in any way cliched, sensationalistic and even to some extent achieves this without you actually realising it as you are reading. It is just so simplistically honest with the characters POV that you get so drawn in that the actual complexity and layers of the story did not hit me until almost the last page. I cried at the end partly because the last scene is sad but also because the author did not write more books.

Augustus by Williams is also amazing if you are into Roman History...his published novels are very eclectic. Could not recommend him as an author more.

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