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Two stories high with wall to wall bookcases, Pantheonium Academy provides its students with one of the largest libraries in the world. Some sections are restricted, only available to certain years and up. Others are completely off limits and closed off using charms.

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closed off using wards

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Thanatos loved the library. Loved the silence and peace. It was a place he liked to work at. If he had a choice, he'd quit being a god, and just be a librarian. It was far less depressing, that was for sure. And he still was able to quietly look over people. Actually, he was pretty sure hardly anyone knew he was even at the school, much less was working here as a librarian. And for now, he didn't mind it. He was such a shy and quiet individual anyways that it seemed...better this way. Besides, he probably would scare anyone away being the greek god of death, so he wasn't sure if reaching out to talk to anyone was even a good idea. He walked silently over to the cart of books that needed to be placed back on the shelf, and began to walk around the library, putting the books back in their homes, lost in thought.

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The library was quiet, and Seth craved quiet. He was a god of chaos, but all he wanted was calmness around him. Not that he got it often, with his fierce reputation. It was hard to believe that someone so normal looking was capable of what he was, but everyone knew what he had done. If no one liked him before he killed his brother, they downright despised him now. The library offered a rare chance at peace and quiet, and he jumped at the chance to get it. Still, he wasn't even sure if the librarian would want him there. So he decided the best course of action was to just face it head on, taking a breath and smoothing out his suit before moving. H swallowed hard as he headed over toward the cart and the librarian. It took a moment before he could gather up his nerve to speak, letting out a breath. "May I help?" He asked almost desperately, gesturing to the cart before finally looking up at the silent librarian, green eyes pleading.

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Thanatos was used to silence, or at least, the silence that came from absence. No one really talked to him, he was just a shadow in the background, the grim reaper that people only cared about when it was them dying. He was used to no one talking to him, and as such, when the other man (god? he wasn't sure, he was so used to going by himself and being alone that keeping track of others was hard) asked if he could help, he didn't react at first. Not only was he spaced out, putting away the books, he just naturally assumed the other man wasn't talking to him. It was only when he finally looked forward at him that he realized he was actually looking at him. But even then, just to be sure, he peeked over his shoulder before looking back at the man. "Oh....you were talking to me." he murmured, genuinely surprised. "um....y-yeah, sure. If you'd like. D-do you know the organization method the library uses?" his voice was soft, the type of voice that could utter a comforting whisper before leading you away, the type of voice that could call you forth, tug you from where you were. It certainly helped him when it came to comforting the dead, leaving the living to comfort themselves.

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The longer the other god went without replying, the more uncomfortable Seth became. It really had been a foolish idea to do this, hadn't it? The librarian was used to his quiet, Seth hadn't meant to ruin it. "Apologies. I didn't mean to bother you." He continued in that gentle, low voice, ducking his head slightly and abruptly breaking eye contact. He swallowed hard, but he still didn't make a move to help, not wanting to make the other uncomfortable. "You seem used to being alone, I don't wish to intrude. I just don't want to be around people." He explained softly. "They do not want me around, it will not bother me if you don't either. I am Seth."

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"You are not at fault, it is I who need to apologize." Thanatos said, sounding way more formal than needed but hey, when you don't normally talk to people casual takes some practice. "I am used to being overlooked, and not the one people speak to, so when you spoke to me, I had no reason to believe it was actually me you were speaking to, and not someone behind me that I was unaware of." He shifted, uncertain of what else to say, until he realized he had not introduced himself. "Oh! Um, I am Thanatos. Your presence does not bother me, so long as you are not loud. I um....don't actually like being alone..."

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"You are allowing me to stay. You have nothing to apologize for." He insisted gently. He picked a book up from the cart, turning it over in his hands absently before sliding it onto the shelf in its proper place. "I understand. People do not acknowledge me kindly either." He said simply, picking up another book. "Thanatos?" He smiled slightly, tilting his head. "As one of the death gods you must know my son, Anubis?" He asked almost hopefully, finally looking up and over at the other god. He had nothing against death gods, they simply did their job. His own son was one of them, after all. "I hope he is fitting in well with the rest of you." He mused. "And I do not enjoy loudness either. Do not worry." He assured. After all, loudness usually meant some kind of commotion, and that made it too difficult for him to hold on to who he wanted to be, too easy to slip back into violent, chaotic instincts.

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Thanatos tilted his head to the side, considering his words for a moment before saying, "If you believe it to be so, I shall not press the matter." he picked up a few books and placed them in various places on three different shelves and said, "For the most part, I am ignored, until it is time to say farewell, then they realize how much they need me to guide them." he nodded sagely as he looked down at the cover of a book, something about a person discovering themselves through a harrowing journey. At the mention of Anubis, he paused and said, "I believe I have him on my contact list on Skype. I do not normally talk much with any of the other gods though, so I cannot say if he is getting along or not, as I do not exactly fit in well as someone so easily forgotten." he glanced at Seth and gave the barest hint of a smile, the slightest upturning of his lips as he said, "it is nice to find another who enjoys the quiet. Too many other gods are too loud and raucous."

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"Death gods of all forms are important. You, my son, the rulers of the afterlife and the one who greets them." Seth shrugged, smiling faintly. "You are kind to me. I will not forget you." He said simply, turning back to the cart. "Raucous environments are not good for me." He admitted, pausing and staring down at the book in his hand. "I am the god of violence, of chaos and disorder. I do not wish to hurt people, or cause chaos, but if things are too loud and excitable... It is far too easy to lose my temper. And I do not truly know what happens after that, only that it is not safe." He placed the book on the shelf, closing his eyes with a slight wince. It wasn't the whole truth. At the time, it was like he blacked out. But he could always remember it. He couldn't remember actually tearing Osiris apart, but he could remember of the feeling of flesh and muscle tearing, bones snapping. And the image of the aftermath... pieces of his brother strewn all over the desert, all because of him. Suffice to say he was terrified of losing his temper.

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"I do not blame anyone for not paying me any mind. I was not part of hardly any mythology for so long that most do not know of me until they die and it is I who escort them. Many have asked my name because I am not taught in schools like Zeus or Poseidon or Hades. Many assume I am Hades since he rules the underworld. It is understandable that no one knows of me. There is not much left to speak of me." he shrugged, contemplating a book in his hand for a long moment. "With little mythology referencing me, I am overlooked, and that is okay." He glanced up at Seth as he spoke, listening quietly before saying, "well, you are welcome to come here whenever you please. The library has been a quiet place for many years and um....well...." he looked away shyly and added softer, "Y-you can always come find me if you want....to talk or anything of that nature....i-if you want..."

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"I would rather be ignored than what I am here." Seth waved a hand vaguely. "I tore my brother to pieces. Everyone knows that, and no one will let it go. Perhaps they are right not to. When I am spoken of it is with fear and hatred. No one likes me, no one trusts me." He sighed slightly, a very soft, half bitter and half just desperate laugh escaping. "But they still need me. When Apep attacked it was I they turned to for help, and I gave it to them. I saved them from the snake, and what I got in return was everyone saying it had been Horus." He ran his fingers through his hair, closing his eyes for a moment. "I would have saved them even if they hadn't told anyone it had been me, of course. I do not wish anyone else to die. But they couldn't even give me the simple courtesy of being honest." He shook his head. When he picked up the next book his knuckles were white from how hard he gripped it, and he stared down at the title without really seeing it. But he forced himself to take a breath, then two, and after a moment relaxed enough to slide the book into place. "I apologize. I do not mean to push all of my problems onto you. It's just... because of said problems, no one else will listen." He shrugged. "So... If you truly don't mind, I think I'll take you up on that offer?" He said almost hesitantly.

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"It is not my place to judge one for their past transgressions." Thanatos said after a moment, glancing at the book that he gripped white knuckled for a moment. "I do not mind listening, so do not apologize for speaking to me of what troubles you. I try to be a safe space, though usually only the dead take me up on it. I do not mind you coming to me if you need to, or talking to me about what ails you. I must admit that I am a bit....lacking on proper social interactions, so if at any point I seem to do something to offend, or anything of the sort, please do let me know as it is not on purpose, it is just me lacking in the proper way to convey what it is I mean to."

Somehow, without realizing it, they had finished putting away almost all the books on the cart while talking to one another. Thanatos blinked in surprise when he reached for another book, only to meet the empty shelf of the cart. Normally the task took far longer, but it seemed with someone to spend time with, the task went by faster. Interesting.

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"I do not wish to push my burdens off onto you." Seth explained again, looking over at him. "They are something I have to deal with; no one else should have to. They are a result of my mistakes, my lack of control. It is my own fault people treat me as they do. I have no right to complain." He swallowed hard, letting out a breath. But he flashed a quick smile, shoving his own worries away to focus on someone else's, as he always did. "Do not worry about offending me. It... well, I will not lie. It is easy to get a reaction at the time but I know what it could lead to so I simply leave, and by the time I am calm again it does not bother me. I can understand any form of communication as well, body language included. I will be able to tell if something is meant as an offense or not."

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"Talking about one's troubles usually eases them, it does not burden me to listen if it helps you." Thanatos said after a moment, tilting his head to the side curiously. He did not understand how bottling up how one felt, especially a chaos god who could wreak havoc, could do anyone any good. "However, I will not pressure you on what you should or should not say, I will merely inform you that I am here should you wish to talk."

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"When people talk about touchy things, they tend to get upset. Which is alright, it always happens. I simply don't talk about it then because it is dangerous when I am upset, which is the only reason I mind feeling that way." He explained, absently running his fingers over the spines of the books in front of him. He sighed slightly, readjusting a few that had been put back incorrectly by a student, just one or two off. "I don't want to get upset, not for myself, but for the sake of others around me."

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Thanatos stared at Seth for a long moment, processing this new information. He didn't know about the dangers of talking about touchy things and what could happen when people got upset. "This is....new information to me. I will attempt to keep it in mind when talking to people from this point forward." he murmured, looking thoughtful. He moved to push the cart back to where the books were to be returned after they put away the last book, then fidgeted, unsure of what to do now.

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Seth rushed to explain things to Thanatos, not wanting to ruin his view of people. "It is not everyone. Most people can control themselves. But I am god of violence and chaos, and so I cannot." He explained. "I try, of course, but..." He sighed and shrugged, automatically reaching up to smooth the lapels of his suit. He looked down at the empty cart, stepping after Thanatos. He didn't want to intrude, but he also really didn't want to leave. Still, now there was nothing for him to do. "Is there anything else you would like assistance with?" He asked almost hopefully, "I can... translate something? Glue spines back together?" He offered.

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Thanatos only grew more confused as Seth explained further, and sighed when he was finished. "It is all so much more confusing than I ever originally thought...." he admitted. He was a bit lost when it came to the complexities of conversations, friend making and really any kind of social behaviors and learning there was so much more than he initially thought just made him feel more lost than before. When Seth inquired as to what else he might help with, Thanatos looked thoughtful. "I am....unsure. Normally, my task of putting away the books takes far longer when I am alone, and I seldom have time for anything else before I am beckoned away by my duties once more....perhaps there are some damaged books somewhere. If we can find them, repairing them is a good, calming task we can do."

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"If there is ever an interaction or something you aren't sure you understand, I might be able to help translate it." Seth offered almost hesitantly. "As I said, I know all forms of communication. And I like to help people. Especially ones who are nice to me." He said simply, nodding slightly. "I agree. The books should be repaired, and it should be rather soothing." He mused, reaching over and pulling a battered book down, torn simply with age and overuse. "Thank you for allowing me to help. And to simply stay here for a while. And for talking to me." He flashed a quick smile.

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"I will make sure to remember this. Though, if I am to be honest, there are many interactions that I do not understand, so if you truly are willing....well, we will end up seeing much of one another." Thanatos admitted, a light blush darkening his cheeks, though it was hard to tell with how dark his skin was already. He led Seth to an area where the staff in the library could go. It had all the supplies needed to repair damaged books if they were able to be fixed, and the ones beyond repair could be found here as well. Luckily, most students took good care of the books, so there were not many back here. And the only ones beyond repair were from a pet getting a hold of it.

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"I do not mind. It is... nice to be acknowledge for my abilities other than simply violence. And acknowledged for something other than my past." Seth smiled slightly, following after him quietly. He pulled off his suit jacket and neatly draped it over the back of a chair before he sat at the table, carefully rolling up his sleeves. He pulled out the books, neatly setting them in front of him as he examined the supplies.

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"I know what you mean. It'd be nice to be acknowledged as that as well, but I am nothing more than the reaper." he shrugged, moving to take a seat and pull a book towards him to examine the damage. For the most part, a lot of the books just had damage to the spine from being opened and read so many times over the years, but others had pages torn out or missing (there was a bin of pages from books that no one was sure belonged to which book sitting on the table) and ripped covers and damage from the elements (sometimes student inflicted, sometimes actual elements from being left outside), and stains from drinks being spilled. "Shall we get to work?"

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"If what I have done and subsequently felt has taught me anything, it is that what we are, what we have control of, is not who we are. It is dreadfully easy for me to give in to violence, since that is what I am created for. But it is me that doesn't want to hurt anyone, not my powers." Seth shrugged one shoulder, not looking up from the books in front of him. Absently he traced a finger over the tattoos on his lower arm, his gaze a bit unfocussed. "Everyone I know of who has spoken of you says that you are kind and gentle when taking souls. You do the best you can." He said simply, reaching for the pages to start organizing them out.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) | 846 comments Mod
Thanatos moved to grab what was needed to repair the spines of the damaged books, not minding if he got glue all over himself in the process. "I see...." Thanatos mused over his words as he started to put things together. He liked to create, and repair. Which is why even though there was a sizeable stack of books to be repaired, it wasn't wall to wall like it was when he first came in. He loved to spend time and mend things. When Seth mentioned what people had said of him, a blush darkened his cheeks, and he dipped his head, a smile showing on his face, bright white teeth against dark skin like the night sky. "H-have people....really said that about me?"

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He smiled slightly, glad he could help someone. "Of course. Whatever you imagine yourself as, no one who actually meets you thinks you are cruel. Mortals have their terrifying tales, of course, but once they die... you guide them. You are not the cause of their death. And everyone here, well, no one has really met you, but they all know you aren't truly evil. You are simply a guide." He explained simply, finding the book to match a missing page and leafing through to find the spot. "I have heard that your friend Ankou was quite insistent about your kindness when one of his students asked about dying." He added casually.

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"I guess I'm a little trapped in the past then, thinking of all the things people say about me...how I went so long ignored because of how everyone feared death....feared me..." his voice trailed off and he tried to distract himself from his depression, using glue to repair the spine of a book and managing to get it all over his fingers. He got up, moving over to the sink to wash his hands clean of the sticky substance, giving him plenty of time to duck his head shyly at the mention of Ankou. Thinking about him as of late had him feeling rather flustered, and he was not sure why. Turning to dry his hands thoroughly and return to binding the spines of the old books once he had control of himself once more, he still had a small smile on his face as he said, "Yes, Ankou is quite kind to me....he helps with a lot."

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"People do not fear death. They fear the end of life." Seth said simply, finding the right place in the book for the page. "There is a difference." He smiled slightly as he carefully applied glue to the edge of the paper and slipped it into place, holding it gently to give the glue a second to dry. At a glance it was odd that a god of chaos could be so neat and gentle, but with his dislike of chaos perhaps it made sense. But he looked over and noticed the expression on the other god's face, raising an eyebrow. "Oh? Tell me about him." He mused, knowing exactly what he was doing.

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Thanatos ducked his head shyly when Seth asked after Ankou, flustered and not very good at hiding it. "Well....after I came here and started to be a librarian here....he um....well, he found me and started hanging around. He's the first person, or god, who saw me as more than the sum of my parts, so to speak. He is....kind, and warm...." he bit his lip, his hands busy carefully repairing the books as he spoke, ever busy. "He's....he's made my depression and my job as the god of death all the easier to bear. I....do not wish to imagine where I'd be were it not for his friendship, I just...wish there was something I could do in return but...I'm not good with this kind of thing..."

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Seth smiled slightly as he glanced over at him, carefully pushing the patched up book over to the side to let it dry. "If he is as kind as you say, I am sure he does not expect anything in return." He said simply as he pulled out another page and started figuring it which book it belonged to. "I am glad you have someone." He nodded simply, finding the book and starting to flip to the right page.

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Thanatos looked up at Seth and said earnestly, "But that is all the more reason to do it! He is so nice to so many, and expects nothing in return. I want to give him something in return. I just....don't know what to get...do you think flowers would be a good idea? A poem?" he was blushing again, wondering on what gift might work for his crush rather than a gift as a friend without even realizing it.

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One eyebrow rose as Seth looked over, studying Thanatos curiously. "It depends on what you are trying to say." He mused, getting to the right page in the book. "Flowers and poems can be construed in many different ways. They are far more commonly seen as a romantic gesture than a simple thank you." He explained casually, putting glue along the spine of the book and carefully setting the page into place. "However, I have heard Ankou speak of you. I believe the gesture, even if taken as romantic, would be appreciated."

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This time when Thanatos blushed, it was a lot more noticeable. His cheeks darkened considerably as his eyes widened, brows raising before he hid his face. Did Seth somehow know that Thanatos liked Ankou?! How could he have found out?! Was it that obvious?! OH NO DID ANKOU ALREADY KNOW?! His mind went on a panic spree as he hid his face behind his hands, and only calmed slightly when Seth said the gesture would be appreciated by Ankou regardless. "Y-you um....I-I.....d-do you think so? I-I just want to do something nice for him..." he mumbled, his cheeks still burning.

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Seth frowned slightly as he looked over at Thanatos, his hands stilling on his work as he took in the blush and hidden face. "My apologies. I did not mean to distress you." He dipped his head slightly and stared down at the book, a bit upset that he had upset someone else. "I am sure that he would like whatever it is you give him." The god finally said, running his fingers over a page written in braille to find out where it was from. "From what I can gather, you are not especially fond of being around people, much as I am. I once wanted to give someone something special, but didn't know what, so I asked them. They said that me trusting them to be around them was enough, since I do not enjoy the company of many. I am sure Ankou is the same, and that he takes your company and trust as a gift itself. Anything else is simply a bonus that he will appreciate."

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Thanatos bit his lip and lowered his hands, realizing he'd upset someone who might become a new friend. "I-I'm not distressed!" he was quick to reassure. "I'm just....I guess, embarrassed. I'm not used to any of this, really. I don't know what to do, I barely understand how I feel...I'm sorry, I don't wish to upset you. I just want to try with him, if that makes sense? I haven't tried to get close to anyone, I felt I deserved to be alone with just the souls I take and wallowed for so long in the darkness, and then he came along, and now I don't feel like that as much anymore. I still have days where it is hard, but he makes me want to try. And I want to do something to show him how much he means to me, and how glad I am that i have him. I'm just so...awkward and I can't tell him outright."

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"If that is how he makes you feel, I believe he deserves to know. Honesty is best. Just tell him." A smile crossed his face briefly, "You know him well. He would not do anything to hurt you, like some people would." Looking down, he swallowed hard. His own love life was far less than perfect. His wife had a tendency for cheating, though it wasn't as though he could blame her. Given his sexuality and subsequent lack of attraction to her, it wasn't like he was loyal. Still, she had given away Seth's own son, so he actively disliked her rather than just not loving her. The only other person he really liked had been Horus, who had betrayed him the first chance he got.

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"I would but...I get so tongue tied around him that I have a hard time saying anything lately. That's why I wanted to give him something instead..." Thanatos admitted softly. All of this social interaction with people who weren't just taking a temporary comfort from him on their way to the afterlife always left him rather confused on what to do. He'd gone so long without any real interaction that to do so now left him lost.

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"If you get tongue tied, why don't you write it?" Seth suggested, glueing the braille page into the book. "It is easier than telling someone face to face, but then they still know exactly what you want to say." He offered, closing the book and pushing it gently to the side, adding to the pile of fixed books. "Send flowers or something with a note maybe."

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Thanatos bit his lip thoughtfully, and said, "I-I could try that, yeah..." The only thing was, if he gave him flowers with a note, he wasn't sure if he had the confidence to sign it. But he didn't say that out loud, instead getting up to go find a blank piece of paper and a pencil. He returned and sat down with it, setting it to the side so that if he thought of anything he could write it down as he returned to working with Seth to repair the books.

Somewhere halfway through their work, he finally got up the nerve to write out how Ankou made him feel, blushing furiously the whole time even though the note only barely had any romantic feelings in it, just that Ankou made him happy. He was so embarrassed by his own feelings that he wouldn't let Seth see, and he hoped he wasn't upset as he finished the last book that needed to be fixed and asked, "What kind of flowers should I get? I don't see them often enough to know what's good and whats bad."

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Seth settled into silence as he worked, content with the quiet. It was obvious Thanatos was thinking hard, and it wasn't like quiet was unusual or disliked by him. He glanced over at the letter, raising an eyebrow. It didn't bother him that he didn't get a chance to read it, he was mostly just happy that Thanatos was actually writing stuff down. It was usually good to get feelings out in some way. "It depends on what you're trying to say." He shrugged slightly. "Roses are generally romantic, azalea, hydrangea, canterbury bells, and sweet peas are all some variation of gratitude." He listed. After all, flowers were a form of communication.

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Thanatos bit his lip as he listened to Seth rattle off some flowers. He had no idea what anything other than roses looked like, if he was honest. But as luck would have it, one of the books he was fixing turned out to be a book on flowers and before he repaired the damaged spine, he thumbed through it looking for the other flowers that Seth mentioned. "Perhaps I will do roses, sweet peas and canterbury bells together in a bouquet....I like how roses look, but I want to show that I am showing gratitude." he mused.

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"I am sure one of the earthen gods will help you find the flowers you need, whatever they may be. I would get them for you, but..." He shrugged helplessly, a soft sigh escaping. They had already talked about it, there was no need to be dramatic and discuss people's dislike of him again. "No matter, I am also sure that your friend will appreciate it."

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Thanatos finished repairing the book he was working on and bit his lip as he glanced up at Seth. "Would you mind if I went to go gather the flowers for Ankou? I do not wish to seem as though I were attempting to abandon you for another or anything, as I have quite enjoyed your company and would not object to spending more time with you, I just wish to do this while I still have my nerve." he fidgeted as he peeked up at Seth, hoping he would not be upset.

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Seth smiled slightly, tilting his head as he looked over at him. "Do not worry. As I have said, I am good at knowing what people's true intents are. I know you don't mean to bother me." He finished the book he was piecing together and stood, picking up his jacket. "I should check if any students need help with things. I would like to possibly help you again, however. It is... difficult for me to find someone that is kind."

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Thanatos stood as well, picking up his note and tucking it into his pocket. "I would be more than happy for you to come by again sometime to help with things like this. It seems time passes faster when you are doing it with someone who is a friend." he gave a slight bow and said, "Until we meet again, Seth." and turned to walk away, not sure where to go to find a god to get flowers but he figured he'd do it on the way.

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Seth pulled his jacket on, studying him. "Thank you. I am happy I was able to assist with your dilemma in addition to the books." He said simply, smoothing out the sleeves of his jacket. As usual he put together one of the buttons of the suit jacket, carefully putting his book away before he headed out of the library.

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