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message 1: by Eve (new)

Eve (arweneve) | 2344 comments Discuss Sherlock, Season 4 Episode 3
....the *sob* series finale...

message 2: by Sandhya (new)

Sandhya (thefictionfreak) | 58 comments I have so many problems with this episode. I mean I loved this episode but still there were so many loopholes. Maybe I should watch it again and then judge it but I can't. Not yet!!!

message 3: by Eve (last edited Jan 20, 2017 08:04PM) (new)

Eve (arweneve) | 2344 comments I agree, a lot of loopholes. This whole season didn't really feel like true Sherlock to me. Even the camera work, titles on the screen etc felt a little off.

message 4: by Eve (last edited Jan 20, 2017 08:09PM) (new)

Eve (arweneve) | 2344 comments And honestly, they didn't do a very good job of wrapping everything up. I really hope they decide to continue.

message 5: by Sandhya (new)

Sandhya (thefictionfreak) | 58 comments If this is how the next season's also going to be, then I'm not very excited tbh. I'd still watch it because CUMBERBATCH!!! Lol. But you know.
This season was awaited with so much expectations and it did deliver as in when I first watched the episodes, I was like 'Woah! That was clever.' but right after I was like wait a minute, and not just once or twice.

I'm not making much sense, am I? I just don't know how to explain the disappointments without spoilers. Are we allowed spoilers here?

message 6: by Cadence (new)

Cadence (thefantasy1) I just finished watching it. Really not as good as I hoped

message 7: by Eve (new)

Eve (arweneve) | 2344 comments This is it guys- the series finale

message 8: by νєяαℓι∂αιиє , My Preciousssss (last edited Jan 28, 2017 10:10PM) (new)

νєяαℓι∂αιиє  | 2439 comments The main thing I'm going to take away from this episode and never be able to un-see... Is this:

message 9: by νєяαℓι∂αιиє , My Preciousssss (new)

νєяαℓι∂αιиє  | 2439 comments No but, in all seriousness, this episode is mind-blowing. And I've never used that term before. Not to describe a TV show anyway. Whenever I see someone use that term I always think they're being melodramatic, but now after seeing this episode I understand what they mean.

Are you sure this is the last series of Sherlock? I've heard that rumour for a while, have the writers confirmed it? Because when someone brought that up in the past Gatiss actually said they have Season 5 already drafted and Season 6 was being planned. If I can find that interview I might link it... So have they changed their minds?

message 10: by Eve (new)

Eve (arweneve) | 2344 comments I've read and heard from multiple places that the writers confirmed it, but once in awhile they decide to go on anyway.

(view spoiler)

message 11: by johanna, Marchioness Hobbit (new)

johanna (johannad_m) | 7675 comments I think they wrapped it up in a bow just in case this is the end, but I'm not convinced. I haven't heard anything definite that they're finishing, just rumours really? Maybe the BBC haven't commissioned another series yet.

message 12: by νєяαℓι∂αιиє , My Preciousssss (new)

νєяαℓι∂αιиє  | 2439 comments Yes it was fairly well wrapped up, but just a bit rushed, so hopefully it's not the end. A series as great as Sherlock should "go out with a bang" as they say. :p

message 13: by Eve (new)

Eve (arweneve) | 2344 comments I agree- it did feel kind of rushed. I really hope they continue, and finish things off properly.

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