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Mars Smith | 21 comments Mod
For those who are reading and/or have finished this book, what is one thing you loved about it?

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Mars Smith | 21 comments Mod
Here is a pdf of the book "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynam!"

Copy and paste this link to view the book.

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Mars Smith | 21 comments Mod
I just finished this book and wrote a review. :-) This book contains short stories about Richard Feynman's life.

I really liked this book. There are a plethora of great stories including him working on the Manhattan project, breaking into safes, playing a Brazilian instrument called a frigideira, and winning a Nobel Prize in physics. He talks about his travels, people he met, and how he solved different challenging problems. By reading this book, you will understand how his curiosity both led to some great discoveries and also put him in several pickles.

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Bill Burris (wburris) | 248 comments Mod
I really liked this book when I read it back in the 80s. I lent the book to someone at work, then he quit and I never seen him or the book again. I was an electronics tech, he was a machinist and we worked in the physics department at the university. In the 33 years that I was there it seems like I was the only tech that read physics books.

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