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Any books with a character in a wheelchair?

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message 1: by Amy (new)

Amy  | 5 comments Or any character who is unable to walk?
Preferably not genre romance.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes. Evidence of Mercy by Terri Blackstock. Some light romance but mostly suspense. Unknown person for unknown reason sabotages a private plane while two people are flying it. The crash seriously injures one and paralyzes the other. No more about the story--you have to read it and won't be disappointed. P.S. I can walk a little bit but use a wheelchair for distance, libraries, etc., and walkers the rest of the time.

message 3: by Sean (new)

Sean | 17 comments I was thinking of the Scream Museum by Paul Zindel. It is the first of the PC Hawke mysteries (a personal favourite YA mystery series of mine from the turn of the century. Zindel had 4 more outlines he was going to write but sadly he died and they were never published. That's another one that I also have the audio version of.

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy  | 5 comments Thanks, Sean! I'll have to check them out. :)

message 5: by Amy (new)

Amy  | 5 comments Thanks, Christine! :)

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

In the classic novel The Daughter of Time the main guy is laid up with a broken leg--:but not the same thing and the book is really about Richard III, but it is the only Josephine Tey book I really enjoyed. I'm sure I've read other books about persons in wheelchairs but the only other one that comes to mind right now is Joni by Joni Eareckson Tada, a quadriplegic who has a number of non-fiction books.

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message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Out of My Mind is a kid's book.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

It's still good.

message 10: by Amy (new)

Amy  | 5 comments Thanks so much, Christine! :)

message 11: by Amy (new)

Amy  | 5 comments Raevyn, middle grade is alright- I just started rereading a MG.
Thanks so much! :)

message 12: by Hanna (new)

Hanna Joni: An Unforgettable Story This is a really good nonfiction book about Joni Erickson.(now Tada) She's paralyzed, and therefore in a wheelchair.

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