Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1) Graceling question

Trying to locate a fantasy series... similar to Graceling
Rachel Howe Rachel Jan 19, 2017 11:01AM
Ok, I believe the series was three books long. Fantasy with kingdoms, clans, war, battles, etc. I remember that in the beginning the main character, girl, is imprisoned with another and being experimented on and tortured before they are rescued. She is part of some court as an asset to a king, and I think in book 2 is reclaimed from a barbaric clan as the chief's missing daughter. There are two love interests, the chosen one fighting for hand at some point at her clans homelands. In the third book she travels with the love interest to his homelands and is judged by an elderly woman with a test where she is asked to drink tea from an overfilled cup. I believe she ended up doing something the older woman had never seen before. The only other parts I can remember is that the other love interest, the sweet one (the other one I talked about is brooding and all that), lives in a land in the sky. I hope someone knows what this book series is, I'll post more updates with any other parts I remember.

Ah, nevermind. I see you solved it somewhere else

Can you remember a general time frame when you read this series? You/we can narrow down when it was published by at least eliminating anytime after you read it. Also, can you remember where you heard of it? Perhaps if it was featured at a local library that would suggest it was published or became popular around the time you read it.

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