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Sci-Fi Week 3

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Ashley | 14 comments I finished my book and good lord did it hurt my emotions. Em and Finn tried to kill James when he was alone but failed and he then found out that he figured out how to time travel. James then sets up a meeting with the man leading his brothers murder case, to get him to help with building the machine and to try and prove if he's the bad guy or not. He takes Marina and Finn with him to protect himself from Em and Finn, only he drives them away because they don't trust the man. This is when James starts to become more like his evil future self that will stop at nothing to do what he thinks is good. Marina and Finn leave after James says he doesn't know if he loves her or not, leaving James by himself. Em and Finn followed James to the meeting and see that their past selves left so they wait for James to leave. Finn goes into a blacked out episode so once James finally leaves, Em is the only one who can try to kill him only to have the gun break. She tries to follow him and as she does the future James knocks her out and tells her his plan, like any stereotypical villain. Finn finally wakes up and they split off, Finn to try and save other Finn and Marina and Em to kill James. Finn and Em both fail, leaving both the James' in control and this leads to a standoff in James' cabin with all the Finns and Marinas. The past James see how corrupt he is, even willing to kill his best friends and finds out he traveled back in time to kill his brother who tries to stop him from changing history.Hell breaks loose and Finn ends up dead and then James shoots himself to end it all. The ending goes to another time with James still dieing in the cabin but he commits suicide there and Finn and his brother are both still alive. Marina still falls for Finn in this universe but she still has snippets of her past experiences so it slightly confuses me but I think it was the best possible outcome of all the events leading up to the end. I wish it would have made it more clear as to what happens to Em and Marina in the cabin after both James and Finn are dead but I believe they end up dead because it says "On the floor, James exhales his last breath. And then so do I." Great book overall, strongly recommend.

message 2: by Alex (new)

Alex Motsinger | 12 comments Did the book ever get super confusing with regards to who's who? Because I couldn't follow that very well.

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Ashley | 14 comments Alex wrote: "Did the book ever get super confusing with regards to who's who? Because I couldn't follow that very well." Sometimes I would forget who's point of view it was in and get confused but Em talked about her past after she ran from James while the past Marina is living in a time before she ran from James

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