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Hikaru | 59 comments Mod
Please post your characters here. The layout will be simple and as follows:


Also please stay within the ages of 20-40. This is real life and it will involve working.If you have any suggestions of different ages then please tell me.

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Hikaru | 59 comments Mod
Name: Sayuri Izumi
Age: 23
Job/job type: A company called Akemi Corporation
Looks: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Personality: Kind, sarcastic, outgoing, and usually happy.
Other: Looking for a boyfriend/soulmate. Lives in an apartment room. Her mom and dad are always pestering her about looking for a guy to marry, when all she wants is a romantic relationship that might turn into marraige later on.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Name: Leah Silverstein

Age: 22

Job: Bartendar at a local NightClub.

Personality: Very tough and strong willed. Highly Opinionated.

Other: Works as the head bartendar at Neon Curtain, a high end night club down the street from Akemi Corp. All the business people like to shed there stress here amongst the young 20 - 35 crowd.

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Name: Cathal Sanderson
Age: 24
Job: owns Neon Curtain NightClub
Looks: he wears a black T-shirt to.
Personality: strick at work, but his a nice guy
Other: Likes to party

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((I can give me a minute))

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((The only good one I can find has blue eyes. Well I fond one with purple eyes to.))

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((Dar it, I didn't see that If I would Have seen that I would have found a better pick, I must have been thing about the underground rp to, the Charry you just made in there, Give me A second, I'll fix it.))

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((It's short for Character.))

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((Yeah I found two pics one with green eyes, and one with blue, witch would you like.))

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((here it is))

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((np, anything for you.))

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Name: Eric
Age: 23
Job: Garbig man
Looks:[image error]
Personality: Kind
Other: Lives right next door to Song

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Name: Alexander
Age: 19
Job: works at an animal shelter
Personality: kind, caring, gentle, determined, dedicated, stubborn, fierce, loving

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Deadman | 1 comments Hikaru wrote: "Please post your characters here. The layout will be simple and as follows:

Job:dont have one yet
Personality:Determined,stubborn,dedicated,fierce,care sometimes then i dont care at all

Also please stay within the ages of 20-40. This is real life and it..."

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20 - 40 only please

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