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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Book about a homeless girl who comes across a dying mother with a newborn she finds shelter at a gym meet hero who is a fighter and becomes head of a crime organization. [s]

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Kambria | 11 comments This is a book about a homeless girl who came across a mother with a newborn and a toddler The mother dies and the heroin takes the children and she goes to a gym there's this old man who watches out for her and lets her shower at his gym while there she meets the hero and the gym owner and the other gym members they find out out she has kids (she does not tell them that they are not hers)and will not let her leave the gym

At one point they move in together at his house they separate for a time and she moves in with his parents I believe social services get involved and try to take the kids away from her By the end of the book the hero becomes head over a game/crime organization

This is book one in a spinoff series from another series by this author that tie into The story

The other series that ties into the story is about a girl who was trained at a very young age take care of herself with "special skills" and her guardian dies maybe? She goes college and meets 2 to 3 maybe even five guys that became her big Brothers they all become lawyers and move into a house together a relationship between the guys are is very complex she still does pro bono work when someone needs her services she marries an outsider(not one of the guys she lives with) here are about 4-5 books in her series at the end she becomes pregnant

The books in this series are all titles that with the word darkness In it (shrouded? in darkness) they are all black and white one of the books has the woman's body showing a square scar or birthmark on the woman's hip

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Kambria | 11 comments So sorry for all the typos in here I was using speech to text

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Kambria | 11 comments Yes this is the one!

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