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Who will Sophie end up with?

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*Ramya* I haven't read Lodestar yet, but when I do, I'll post more--but for now...let us start a shipping war!!!!!!!

And please follow these very simple rules:

No swearing
No badmouthing any characters (I love all of them, even Stina)
Don't insult people because of their opinions-everyone is different and have different views of life
Be a good person


Remember, this discussion is so we can all see and compare the ships so that when the time comes, we (hopefully) won't feel too dejected.

Book Reader ahhhhhhhhh so many many many many choices. I can think of many good ones others, just so many possibilities. I am actually okay with any of them.

Reading_life13 SOFITZ FOR EVER
first off you can see that I know that fitz and Sophie will fall for each other.
Second off Keefe is my FAVORITE character I absolutely LOVE him, but I already know he lost this fight of love, I can just feel it, and I feel sad for him and he still thinks he has a chance, and that makes me even sadder. TT.TT

Tiffany Lin Sophie and Keefe! I honestly think they are awesome together. A lot of people think Sophitz, but not me!

Amethyst Tiffany wrote: "Sophie and Keefe! I honestly think they are awesome together. A lot of people think Sophitz, but not me!"

i agree completely. And since Fitz has recently showed lots of interest in Linh, I think Keefster's got a future..

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Ashton Honestly I want Sophitz only because I want Keefe for myself.

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*Ramya* Sophitz forever! Honestly, Sophie and Fitz are perfect for each other and Sophitz moments give me mushy and warm feelings. Now, don't get me wrong: I love Keefe and he's the most hilarious being to ever exist, but Foster-Keefe just doesn't make me get the feels :)

*Ramya* Amethyst wrote: "Tiffany wrote: "Sophie and Keefe! I honestly think they are awesome together. A lot of people think Sophitz, but not me!"

i agree completely. And since Fitz has recently showed lots of interest in..."

Fitz only showed interest in Linh for about 2 pages...

But he showed more interest in Sophie in Lodestar than all the previous books' actual Sophitz moments! :)

Can you tell me why you want Foster-Keefe to happen?

Tiffany Lin *Ramya* wrote: "Amethyst wrote: "Tiffany wrote: "Sophie and Keefe! I honestly think they are awesome together. A lot of people think Sophitz, but not me!"

i agree completely. And since Fitz has recently showed lo..."

I think because Sophie is a little tense, Keefe is the right person to cheer her up with his humor. I think that Fitz might be a little to serious, and Keefe and Sophie are cute together :). Also, I think Sophie and Keefe understand each other more that Fitz and Sophie understand each other, even though they may be Cognates.

*Ramya* Ok - thank you :)

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Sariya Honestly, I feel as if Sophie might just end up with Fitz but then realize she ain't happy then she might go to Keefe...or not...OR SHE JUST BIPPTY BOPPTY BOOOM GOES TO KEEFE RIGHT AWAY AND THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!! *Ugly sobs in the corner*
What about Biana...will she go with dex or tam?!?!?!

Emily I am soooooo hoping that Sophie will be with Keefe. Not that I don't like Fitz, but he is so so so soooo serious all the time while Keefe is much more fun. Anyways......FosterKeefe is FOREVER

*Ramya* Emily wrote: "I am soooooo hoping that Sophie will be with Keefe. Not that I don't like Fitz, but he is so so so soooo serious all the time while Keefe is much more fun. Anyways......FosterKeefe is FOREVER"

While Keefe is hilarious, I feel like Fitz is perfect for Sophie - I mean, he's really sweet and would be the perfect life partner for her. Keefe is just an amazing friend!

Unknown poet (Anna) I don't ship anyone... Sophie is a strong individual! #womenpower

*Ramya* She is - but she needs someone to share the burden with - and there's someone who's already kinda doing that...

#sophitz4eva :)

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*Book Nerd* I am so excited about Sophitz moments, guys!

Ramya, I agree; sadly Keefe CAN fit some of her needs but then again. Who doesn't love Keefe?!

*Ramya* Oh - I was talking about Fitz sharing her burden :)

*Book Nerd* Then He IS doing that!!!!
I love Sophitz :)

*Ramya* They're just so perfect and adorable!

My copy of Nightfall is arriving Saturday!

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A Nielson Y'all I promise no major spoilers...
But those of you who ship Dex and Sophie...
May be let down slightly.
But at the same time I'm so done with the world b/c the ending is another cliffhanger. I suppose I should have expected that but oh well...
Personally I ship Fitz with Sophie but to honest after reading Nightfall I don't know what to think about anything anymore. MY FEELINGS. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.

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*Book Nerd* You're freaking me out...

*Book Nerd* *Ramya* wrote: "They're just so perfect and adorable!

My copy of Nightfall is arriving Saturday!"

Mine's supposed to come monday, but it may come early

Graham Tuohy after Nightfall, I am pretty disappointed in Sophitz. I had no problem with Keefe-Foster or Sophitz, but after reading the book, the Sophitz relationship got WAY too mushy for me. I feel that Keefe and Sophie's relationship is much deeper after the book. It seems like they actually care about each other. Also, they really seem to be able to understand each other in so many different ways that I don't see with Sophitz. It just seems right to join the Foster-Keefe fan club.

Also, all you people who said that Dex and Sophie should be shipped are going to lose your minds after Nightfall. So join the Foster-Keefe fan club instead!

*Book Nerd* Y'all are really scaring me now.
I really need to chill out. :)
*takes a deep breath*
I can live for three days without it, right??????

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Destiny Omg. I dunno what to think anymore cause I'm so confused. Like will Sophie end up with Fitz or Keefe? Maybe Shannon wanted Sophie to end up with Fitz at first cause of the case of the crush-itis and stuff but then BAM. In the Keefe short story, it shows that he has a MAJOR crush on Sophie, which is really bugging me for some reason cause if she ends up with Fitz, his heart is going to be broken. ;( But with Fitz she showed that he ALSO has a major crush on her, with the matchmaking packet and everything... Like ITS SO CUTE WITH FITZ AND SOPHIE, BUT ITS ALSO SO SO CUTE WITH KEEFE AND SOPHIE. AAAH SHANNON WHY THE SAD CLIFF. I dunno what to ship anymore, cause in the beginning I was like: SOPHITZ YAHH YEAH but then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th book rolled around, and now im like: AAAAH GO TEAM FOSTER-KEEFE but I still ship Sophitz. SOMEONE HELP ME WITH MY OBSESSIVE BOOK FANDOMS :(

Pages For Thoughts I am definitely Team Foster-Keefe! However, in my gut I know that Sophitz might take the win. Okay. Fine. I'll live. But my concern is that they're already conginates: that AND being in love seems to much to handle. (Plus, putting her with Keefe would make for a huge obstacle impacting the Conginate success... I see that story in the future....)

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*Book Nerd* True. :)

My fear for the series that I've known in my gut is that no matter who Sophie ends up with I will never be satisfied. Maybe that is how it's going to be, but I can't help but not want to see how this plays out.

If Sophie dates Fitz, their friend group won't be as strong anymore.
Dex will be happy for her, and supportive, but a little sad.
Keefe would be fine with who ever she picks because he wants her happy, but he still won't talk to her as much or flirt anymore.
Keefe will respect both her and Fitz by being hands off and not flirting or talking as much to her anymore.
Who knows what else...

If Sophie dates Keefe, Fitz might confess how he can't watch her be with his best friend. He'll probably wait a while and have a deep conversation with her, but he'll most likely get angry and not talk to her or a lot of other people either then he might date someone to make her jealous or because he believes theres no chance for him anymore.

*Book Nerd* I'm gonna be super sad either way...

Sophie's gonna tell Fitz she likes him in book #7!!!!!
Can't wait to see how that goes.
*evil laughter*

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A Nielson Omg yes Book Nerd!!!! Dude tbh I'm not really sure she's gonna go through with it, because like... Keefe. I think she may be falling for him but she doesn't know it. Like I said, I used to ship Sophitz, and I def think that Fitz has a crush on her, at least low key, but....... FOSTER KEEFE is kinda ruining me. Keefe and Sophie built such an amazing relatsionship in Nightfall, and I don't know how its gonna end up. Does Sophie still like Fitz? Cause it seems to me like its always been Keefe who has helped her the most. Plus, he knows something about her feelings that he refused to tell her and there wasn't a big deal made of it but what if it comes back...

And the ending of Lodestar still bothers me. WHAT WAS FITZ GOING TO DO

Long story short I'm struggling to survive another year of this mess

Megan I've shipped Keefe and Sophoe since the beginning, so I hope they end up together! They're hilarious together!

Foster-Keefe Team Foster-Keefe for life!

You understand what I'm going through after you read Nightfall.

What's with the cliff hangers!!!!

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Robyndo I also like all the characters, however, I think the reason Sophie keeps putting off her confession to Fitz is due to the fact she can't accept her changing feelings toward Keefe. I honstly cried with what happened between Dex and Sophie, however, there are so many ships right now, it's hard to focus on only one! After reading Nightfall, and Keefe's short story, well....lets just say my feelings toward the last book is mixed with elated and dread... I don't know how to feel! Shannon just manipulated my whole world! >O<

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Ryan Another book wonderfully done from the KOTLC series and I cannot wait another year for the next book.

First, I would say, in my own opinion, that this series is much better than Harry Potter.
Secondly, thank Mrs. Shannon Messenger for creating such a novelty. I hope you would be able to produce more stories on the KOTLC series.

I have read a lot of comments and reviews and read all the books and i am totally hating myself in saying this, but, I agree there is a really big chance of Sophie and Keefe being together. They seem to become more closer as the story continues and Sophitz is on the verge of sinking.

But there is a part of me that trully disagrees. A lot of people are saying that Keefe's acts towards Sophie is much nicer than the way Fitz acts towards her, but, I think Fitz has his own way in caring for Sophie. Right? (I keep doubting and undoubting it). I do not base on their being cognates and themselves fully trusting each other (which they don't really fully trust each other especially Sophie towards Fitz) to their relationship and I actually find their friendship "beginning to rise to a whole other level, and suddenly crumbles again" (due to circumstances "family, drama, other boys.. *cough Keefe? cough*) quite infuriating. I know that Fitz is a TOTAL JERK and TOO SERIOUS sometimes, but, no one's perfect, not even elves. He actually has feelings for Sophie which I'm clinging to and I hope Sophie can see it (not just because Fitz has been her crush like for years) and feel it in the same way. I do hope this wont end like another Sarah J. Maas story - romance.

I think there will really come a time when Sophie finally notices Fitz's acts of kindness, care and protectiveness towards her. (Maybe Shannon Messenger is reserving him for a plot twist). I do not say I don't like Keefe, I really like him and all the characters but i just don't have the feels on him and Sophie. Sorry.

So... I'm still hoping.



Okay, I love Sophitz, but the author clearly shows favoritism to Foster-Keefe. I'm now at the point that I don't even care anymore as long as it's not Dex cause they are related and everything but at least that's really no longer an option anyways....

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A Nielson Ryan, I love your thoughts. I totally agree that its better than harry potter IM SORRY JO. The fandom for Harry Potter is bigger, that's all. More people have read it and are into it.
Anyways as for your look on Sophitz, thank youuuuu. I agree... to a degree. Over this last book Sophie and keefe have a stronger relationship, but i really want Sophitz to happen.
I feel like I just keep repeating this im sorry y'all I'll shut up now.

Kendyl This was definitely my favorite book in the series! I went into the book, hardcore shipping Sophitz, but after Nightfall... I'm in love with Foster-Keefe!!!! They had so many moments and it was adorable. Here's my thoughts on the situation...

I think that Fitz is more infatuated with Sophie because she's the "it" elf. (And their cognates, as he always seems to point out smh) He thinks he likes her similarly to the way Dex did (and we all know how that ended, thank goodness.) Also, Fitz tries way too hard to make everything a moment between him and Sophie. I found it irritating how he brought her those little gifts and asked about her registering (which is an "Elvin tradition".) That's another thing, he's such a rule follower. He doesn't seem willing to take risks or stand up for Sophie the way Keefe does. Not to mention, every time Linh does something cool he and Dex start drooling (but never Keefe I might add;) Fitz may think he's into Sophie, but I don't think it will work out.

Keefe on the other hand *sigh* truly understands her emotions and the way she thinks. I mean, look at that epilogue:)))))) But more than that, he's not this perfect guy like Fitz is. Keefe's flawed and he knows it, which is why he's drawn to Sophie. They both have had massive struggles and need each other to stay strong for the other. Plus, the paintings he gave her were literally the most amazing thing in the world!!!! Also, he's so willing to do anything for Sophie (including being beaten to a pulp by an ogre.) Their little moments throughout the book were to die for. He cares so much about her and it's not a fleeting feeling. He said in the epilogue that he knows she's not ready for next steps, but he's willing to wait. That melted me, not gonna lie. And then the part where he described her brown eyes... *eternal sigh* Team Foster-Keefe forever!!

What I worry about in the next book is how the whole "Keefe-Fitz-besties-who-like-the-same-elf" is gonna work out. Already in Nightfall, we saw glimpses of the future tension between the two of them. At the part when Fitz saw Keefe and Sophie's adorable hug after he gave her the paintings. Yikesy, I could feel his death stare through the book. Also, at the end when Keefe had to change the subject when Fitz made a (rather rude) remark about Keefe coming along to see Alvar. That wasn't fun at all. I hope that they don't allow Sophie to ruin their friendship and Fitz can accept that Keefe and Sophie are meant to be together, but we'll see.

Sorry to write so much, just thought I'd give my two-cents, take it as you wish and feel free to reply:)))))

*Book Nerd* I have a lot of problems because I think so differently from everyone around me. It's like I have thoughts and don't realize how to fit the thoughts into something that makes sense. Even to myself.

I feel the exact same way. :)
It seems like each boy who likes/liked her in different ways.
Keefe loves her in the way that he understands how she feels
Fitz has been IN her mind and loves her I feel for her power and is just in aw as to what she can do. There's more, but
I'm a Sophitz shipper but I still question where this is going.
Theres a lot more to both of why/how they love her but I need a lottle help on it

BOOKTURNER29 When I first started the series I shipped Sofitz and that was IT but as the series went on I started shifting to Keefe. I do feel like Shannon has been focusing on SoKeefe a lot more too, though. (Especially Nightfall.) I like both guys for different reasons and I know that I will be both heartbroken and happy with whoever Sophie picks because of that. All of you above summed up everything I feel. I'm still puzzled as to what her decision will be. Also the Dex part! I didn't ship them but for some reason it made me kind of sad...Anyone else?

KOTLCBookWorm Team Foster-Keefe for life!!! Honestly i feel like Fitz has his eye out for Linh and Sophie and Keefe are the GREATEST team together...

*Book Nerd* I will only be happy if they all end up happy.

Quack the Queen Liz, I would do the same. I vote Keefoster because Fitz just seems like a jerk sometimes.

Quack the Queen Ikr!!! And how in the first book at the beginning Fitz kept laughing at Sophie! That just ticked me off, you know?

Quack the Queen I know right! And he was so quick to turn on her when she messed up! Keefe at least understood that people mess up sometimes.

Quack the Queen Do you have a book crush on Keefe Liz??? :) :)

Quack the Queen Also, do you ship Dex and Marella?

Quack the Queen Yes! I really think they'd be such a cute couple!!!!! They'd be omg so awesome!

Bookworm1928 *Book Nerd* wrote: "True. :)

My fear for the series that I've known in my gut is that no matter who Sophie ends up with I will never be satisfied. Maybe that is how it's going to be, but I can't help but not want to ..."

I agree. Although I think Kefee might shut Fitz out for a bit if Sophits becomes real, he will get over it. I think that Fitz will get really angry like he did in book two if Sophie and Kefee start dating. It's one of the reasons why I don't ship Sophitz. Fitz is really mean and horrible when he's angry, and I think he will get angry. I ship team Foster-Kefee.

message 48: by Sophitz (new)

Sophitz I honestly don’t think Fitz would get that angry if Foster-Keefe was a thing. Maybe a but at first, but that’s how he deals with grief not rejection. I really don’t know how he would act but I get what you’re saying Bookworm1928. But that aside... SOPHITZ FOREVER!! I love sophitz and even though Keefe is awesome and everything I think they would be better as friends and I always get butterflies whenever there’s a Sophitz moment:) and their relationship is really built on trust because of cognate training. Plus they really balance each other out and fit well together. If they didn’t there would be no way they could be cognates. I’m really really hoping they end up together in the 7 book and that Sophie will finally tell him her secret!! I can’t wait!!

Bookworm1928 I get what you’re saying sophitz. I do think that fits would eventually get over I, but there would always be tension between him and Sophie and between him and Kefee.

(No offense to Sophitz shippers, but I think team foster-kefee will become real in book seven (flashback))

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Vxdx I used to love Sophitz but like Sokeefe too.

Through the series (especially Neverseen) I just feel like the jealousy is ruining the three (plus. Dex, so technically​ four ) best characters.

I just don't want Fitz's and Keefe's BroTP to end.

(Plus after that Sophie can also focus on the important stuff like trying not to die!?!)

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