Red Queen (Red Queen, #1) Red Queen question

Clara Clara Oct 25, 2016 10:32AM
I really enjoyed Red Queen and Glass sword do you guys have any good, similar books while I wait for Kings Cage?

I would recommend Throne of Glass or maybe A Court of Thorns and Roses. A book probably more similar to Red Queen is Shadow and Bone or Six of Crows.

Ashtyn Definitely either Lunar Chronicles or A Court of Thorns and Roses.
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An Ember in the Ashes!!!

The Lunar Chronicles?

The Selection? I also suggest Throne Of Glass.

Omgoodness, plzzzzz say you have read Blood of Eden? If not, it has to be the next book you read! It is about vampires, but not the sparkle kind. Surprisingly, unbelievablely similar to red queen actually, now that I think about it.(no I am not talking about the romance part but the characters and the storyline in general)
And you know what is the best part of that serie? ITS FINISHED!!! Meaning you don't have to wait for it to come out. Red queen is a really good serie but I kind of forgot about it. Before I read the third book I am probably gonna reread this whole serie

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I would say, Shatter me. It's about an extraodinary girl, just like Mer. They are totally different and alike at the same time. It's a really good book, if you decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it :)

Thankyou sooooo so much guys now I have a ton of books to read!

The Selection, Graceling.

Gone series by michael grant is awesone

Throne of Glass, The Selection, Ruined, and I HIGHLY recommend Falling Kingdoms!!!

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
An Ember in the Ashes (ish) by Sabaa Tahir
Red Rising by Pierce Brown

To tell you the truth, no book compares to Red Queen and Glass I can't recommend a book similar to Victoria Aveyard's two masterpieces...but you can try Cinder...I've heard it's good...

Riddhi Haven't read it yet, so can't comment on it, Cindy. ...more
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Shadow and bone, by Leigh Bardugo. It's very similar.

Red Rising

One that is VERY similar in my opinion is the selection.

Throne of Glass series it is really good

i recomend you The Jewel by Amy Ewing. If you loved Red queen you probably love the jewel to

How about Snow like Ashes, it felt a little similar to me while reading it, cause the girl is forced to marry the prince, even though she isn't an aristocrat

Perhaps the throne of glass series?

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