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Lisa (lisamparkin) | 39 comments Mod
Hello, it's October! And that means another book discussion about our book of the month!

As always - feel free to ask your own questions! There are just to get us started:

- What did you think about Vassa's relationship with Erg?
- This book had little to no romance: did that help or hurt the story for you?
- What's your favorite story to see retold?

Theresa (gossamerchild) I really enjoyed listening to/reading about Vassa and Erg's relationship. It made me wonder-would anyone else have been able to see Erg? I know that Vassa wasn't allowed to show her to people, but would they have seen her anyway? Just curious.

I liked the lack of romance. She had so much more to focus on I was grateful there weren't a lot of romantic feelings involved. In fact, I found it jarring that she was attracted to, or seemed to be, the Night character. I found that hard to fathom.

I really enjoy the retelling of Russian folktales, as I'm not overly familiar with them. Catherynne Valente's Deathless is a great example of that, as well as this book.

Great choice!

Ally Kay (allykay24601) | 2 comments Erg is hilarious. I'd have been okay if nothing actually happened in the whole book, just Vassa and Erg sitting in their room, eating Cheetos and watching crappy Hallmark movies and talking. Erg is everything.

Not every book has to have all the SQUEE. I liked that this one didn't, honestly. Like, I love a good romance, don't get me wrong, but I feel like this particular story would have been cheapened by focusing on a romance.

And, definitely Beauty and the Beast. I can never get enough BATB retellings. Up till recently, Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge was my favorite, but I just read A Court of Thorns and Roses last month and that MIGHT be my new favorite.

Unrelated question-- Will there be a discussion forum for The Sun is Also a Star? I loved that book so much and I neeeeeeeeds to talk about it with people who understand. :)

Betsy (namsmommy) | 5 comments It took me until well into the book (second half at least) to finally understand what was going on. The only thing I could tell people when they asked about it was that it was weird. Not a bad thing, just nothing like the other books I have been reading lately.

Jessica So I read Vassa in the Night and Like Betsy - all I could tell my boyfriend when he asked how it was or what it was about was that it was weird. The concept was really cool and I did enjoy Vassa and Erg's relationship, but the whole atmosphere of the novel was just eerie and felt like I was in a dream I wanted to wake up from. Which also tells me that this novel was really well written and Sarah Porter can really make her setting feel real. I am not familiar with the original story - Vassilisa the Beautiful ( I didn't read it from the extended content) but I quite enjoyed the story and thought that Vassa had some great character development.

Overall, I gave the book 3 stars.

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