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Anike Kirsten (anike_kirsten) | 12 comments Title: EquiLibria: 4th Part
Author: Anike Kirsten
Publisher: Smashwords
Date Published: October 23, 2016
Format: eBook
ISBN: 9781370061792
"Cara is forced into a terrible situation, deceived by herself. There is light, promising redemption when her actions lead her back to glory and purpose. But when an old enemy comes back into her life, threatening to expose what she did, Cara is trapped in a dilemma of which there is no good outcome. She decides to go the path untraveled toward the greater good, the path she deems right."
Link to cover:

It's also part of the EquiLibria Pulp series:


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Anike Kirsten (anike_kirsten) | 12 comments Thanks!

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