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Manon  Blackbeak | 762 comments Mod

Please be kind. No cyberbullying in any way will be tolerated, and if you are seen mistreating another member in this group, you will be kicked out immediately. Also if you do not accept the moderators descions you will be kicked ou of the group. We are all here for one reason, to have fun roleplaying, so let's all just get along.

This is an advanced roleplay! This means your characters and roleplay posts must be descriptive. Characters should have more than one flaw. All roleplay posts, depending on the section must be at least one paragraph long or longer. (unless if you ar stating names, age e.t.c). If you are found writing one-liners, you will be asked to correct yourself first, and have your post(s) deleted second.

You may not roleplay until your character has been approved by a Moderator.

Please leave the duty of answering questions and correcting one-liners or any other roleplaying/character issues to the Moderators. That way, members don't get into a fight over who knows more or who has the power/ability to tell others what to do.

You may have as many characters and claims as you can handle. However, if you make a dozen claims (both in character and face claims) and they are not created in a timely fashion, your claims will be taken away. (However a Mod will always send you a warning/reminder before your claims are removed). This rule applies to Mods too!

Never try to use other's characters without their consent. You can't kill them without the owner's permission. When creating a Vampire don't make the age over 1000 years old or else we won't approve your character once the age has been lowered.

Have fun! Don't get too caught up in these rules, they really aren't that difficult to follow. And your Mods are all very understanding, so don't be afraid to ask us questions or let us know why you're having trouble. I, myself, am always available to PM and am always happy to talk, even if it's not group related.

description description description

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Rules when it comes to Claiming a rank or a territory

Rank - Alpha/Beta/Gamma

Anyone can be an Alpha (if the position is open)

You can claim the rank only once (If you are an Alpha of a werewolves pack you can't claim to be an Alpha in any other Werewolves pack,but you can be an Alpha in a Rouge pack)

Rank - Baron(ess)/Count(ess)

You can have only one claim in each rank


Even though you have already claimed a Dukes/Duchess rank,you can be a Dukes/Duchess in another vampire territory but can claim only one in each (there are 6 vampire groups)

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~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 1619 comments Mod
You can add foreign creatures to the plot but you can't give them a personality nor use them to change the plot radically

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You know that in advance roleplay the characters have their own personalities,histories,likes,dislikes blah blah but these don't. Ughhhhhhhh it's kinda hard to explain *scratching head*

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~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 1619 comments Mod
simply because if everyone use this and that creatures this is gonna turn in to a mess... you can think of this rp as season 01 where main focus lies on vampires, weres and rouges and at the end they reconcile (or something like that)

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~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 1619 comments Mod
:)))))))) after we finish this let's have season 2!!!!!!!!! with many other races!!!!!! *thumbs up*

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~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 1619 comments Mod
*whispers* I don't have time to be hyped up about anything *sweating*

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