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Marie Williams | 713 comments Mod
Nick and Nora Charles are Hammett's most enchanting creations, a rich, glamorous couple who solve homicides in between wisecracks and martinis. At once knowing and unabashedly romantic, The Thin Man is a murder mystery that doubles as a sophisticated comedy of manners.

Reading Schedule for November 2016
Week of November 1 : Chapters 1-7
Week of November 8 : Chapters 8-13
Week of November 15 : Chapters 14-19
Week of November 22 : Chapters 20-25
Week of November 29 : Chapters 26-31

message 2: by Erik (new)

Erik (airxx) | 127 comments I am looking forward to this read. I've been in a real TCM Channel mood, and this book synchronizes to it well.

QNPoohBear | 470 comments I love love love the movies but I think the book is different from what I've heard. I hope I have time to read this at the end of November or in December. I have a million things to read and no time to read them.

message 4: by Erik (new)

Erik (airxx) | 127 comments Tell me about it! And watching TCM requires so little effort... curse the TV set!

QNPoohBear | 470 comments I went to the private library to get the book and it was checked out. They had an earlier version in an anthology and other books but not The Thin Man. I'm sure it was checked out given the empty spaces on the shelf. I can get it at the public library tomorrow if I have time.

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