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After ALL this time????

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Julia So. Here is where I'm at.
Nine years ago the last Harry Potter book came out. Five years ago the last movie came out. I was 11 and 15, respectively, for these events.
Next month we will watch the first Beasts movie. Two years from that will be Beasts #2. Two more years is Beasts #3. By this projection, Beasts #5 will be out in 2024. That puts me at 28, following a franchise I started with at age 5.
And I get it. Star Wars comes out with new movies and tv shows every few years. Disney keeps remaking all of the classic movies. It's called MAKING MONEY!
BUT I don't have faith in this series really surviving for five movies. Here's why:
1. The main characters are adults, but the story seems like it is targeted at young people. It works sometimes, but what made Harry Potter so engaging was that the characters were kids--preteens to teens. Frankly, I'm not really interested in following the adventures of a thirty year old wizard.
2. We don't have books as a reference point. I don't believe the Harry Potter series could have made it past three movies if they hadn't been books first. Five movies is a long time to hold on to (an already skeptical) fan base.
3. Any hope for "guest stars" is dwindling. For instance, while his passing was devastating, we are privileged that Alan Rickman lived as long as he did. He died only FIVE YEARS after the last film. That isn't a long time. In fact, a few actors have died since the final film. I would love a Dumbledore cameo, but I'm not counting on one.
Anyone else have similar feelings that we will just be too old to care once all is said and done?

Unika Yes, me too. I love the Harry Potter books (who doesn't) and they meant so much to me. But I didn't quit like the movies, at least not the last five ones, they just didn't feel the same as the books. All the special elements where... gone, you know... The books where special because of the story, the characters and the lovely details which makes a whole new world. And the movies where just a very pathetic reflection of the books. The same was with the Cursed Child, and I'm afraid it will be the same with this new movie series too. Harry Potter was a fantastic phenomenon, and they try to make more money out of it, because it has the potential. But I think they will fail to make such a good story with so much 'magic' again. Well, of course there will be a lot of magic in it, and of course it will be a succes, but not like the books. And I'm afraid that this new commercial wizarding world of Warner Bros will replace the good old one. Kids don't read the books anymore, they will only see the movies, the sad reflections of fantasy. How beautiful it was when fantasy was an art of your imagination.
Of course I will still read this screenplay, and watch the new movies. Just like I read the Cursed Child, but I think that they should have stopped after the Deadly Hallows. It was the fantastic final of an extraordinary book series.

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