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ARCHIVED > Quarterly Book Discussion "The Book Thief" Question #8: How did the key come to be in Max's copy of MEIN KAMPF?

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Julie (julie_prewett) Question #8

Kelsey I could be completely remembering this wrong, because this book took me a month to read and I read other books as well, but I think Hans buys the book for that purpose, right? He buys the book, and the Nazis think it's because we wants to join, but he buys it and puts his information in it, gives it to Max's friend, and then the friend gives it to Max, so Max can escape and live with the Hubermans. I think. Maybe?! I remember Max saying it's what saved his life. It gave him passage to Hans, and it also made him look like a Nazi/Nazi sympathizer, since he was reading it on his trip.

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