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Weird And Odd Aaron led Liam to the door that led to the file room. "Well mister shadow dude, if you would be ever so kind as to break this lock that would be fantastic." She said, slightly sarcastically.

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"And here I thought your super smartness could do everything" He says being sarcastic right back. He twitches his finger and a black shadow wraps around the lock and shatters it. He opens and holds the door open for Aaron. "I'm such the gentleman." He says with a smug smile.

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Weird And Odd "Sorry I cant control things with my mind shadow boy. But I can find Karma Hails in about a minute." She walked through, scanning the files. She came across KH and opened it, quickly snatching it up. "45 seconds." She stated, opening. it. "It looks like her." she said, holding the file out to him.

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Weird And Odd ((Sorry it took so long I had YOSA))

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He had look-out duty while she looked. They had a close call but that was it. He turns to look at the picture. "I'd say 46 seconds, but I'll give it to you" His breath stops short when he sees the picture. It looked a lot like her. But she looked older, more like a child than a baby. It looked so much like her...but he couldn't be hooked just yet. He needed to see her in person..

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Weird And Odd Aaron scanned through the history. "It sounds exactly like what happened to you, but they changed your name to Mila Hail, and presented you dead just like your parents. She would be 8." Aaron smiled bitterly. "Three years without you..." She muttered.

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Weird And Odd ((ThE sIsTeR nEeDs To Be MaDe Very FaSt))

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His jaw ticked and he takes the file out of her hands and slips it under his arm. "Let's go, I don't feel like being put in isolation and loose our lead" He holds the door open. "By the way, if you get spotted, I'm throwing you under the bus"

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Weird And Odd Aaron slips it out from under his arm. "If we take the file they will automatically suspect you. I can take care of myself, but I'm going to save your ass." She put the file away. "They would probably keep her on the other side of the compound."

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Weird And Odd ((?))

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"Time to be sneaky then" He says with a little wink, and he slips out of the file room, hands in his pockets and whistles. "Because I dislike being the damsel in distress. I'm normally the one saving the damsel. Being man or women"

((Sorry, I was busy))

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Weird And Odd ((it's okay, we all are))

Aaron raised and eyebrow, but said nothing. "So, Mr. Cocky, since you're sooo used to saving people why is it me that you decide to throw under the bus?" She asked, following him.

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"Because you're different" He says casually. "If I offered my hand," He says turning to look at her. "Would you take it?"

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Weird And Odd Aaron thought about for a few moments. That was a loaded question, and to fully be able t answer it she had to take into account multiple factors. In this proverbial situation, is she stubborn enough to refuse necessary help? Would accepting help it put him at risk? Would he be offering a false hand? She thought almost openly, forgetting about the barrier in her mind, and let all of her thoughts about that one question flow freely.

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He already knew what she was doing and he shut his eyes, clearly annoyed. "Will you just stop THINKING. Just for a second!" He shouts at her.

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Weird And Odd Aaron flinched at his yelling, quickly blocking her mind. "Sorry..." she muttered.

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Weird And Odd ((Noot noot))

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He looks at her for a second longer, his eyes growing soft. "Sorry..let's just find this Karma Hails"

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Weird And Odd Aaron nodded. "This hail of karma surely isn't going to solve itself." She said, smiling slightly at her joke. "I'm sure they would probably keep her in the more comfortable section, seeing as shes so young.

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"One, that was the worst joke, and two, then let's get going. We have a compound to explore"

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Weird And Odd Aaron glanced up at a clock sticking out from the upper wall. "Its 10:30. We should go to bed and explore tomorrow. I'm sure your sister needs sleep."

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"Don't say it's my sister. I can't believe that. Not yet" He says, his lips pressing in a thin line.

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Weird And Odd Aaron sighed softly. "Okay. But it's still late and we need to go to bed." she stopped walking and turned around.

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Liam looks up at her, his eyes narrowed. "Are you really doing this to prove a point?" He asks, wondering why she'd go to such measures just to be on his side.

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Weird And Odd Aaron shrugged, looking up at him with a slightly confused expression. "What point would I have to prove? I gain next to nothing by giving you your sister back except I get to meet her." She rubbed the back of her neck, gesturing for him to follow. "It's really late and I'm tired, lets go back for now and we can get her tomorrow." She said tiredly.

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" go on with out me..I'm going to get some water" He says partly honest, but there was one destination after getting said water.

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Weird And Odd Aaron knew what he was doing, but she nodded and kept going, monitoring his thoughts closely.

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Liam frowns, and hides his thoughts about finding his sister. He hides other information but lets some wonder, covering up what he's hiding. "See you tomorrow I guess" He says turning away from her.

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Weird And Odd Aaron had already created the pathway in his mind that was refreshed every time she saw him. She glanced back, automatically knowing what he was doing. "Even though her file says Karma Hails, her door will say her real name, so if you don't want to miss it, keep that in mind." She called back. Good luck finding your sister. Seek me out when you're done. She thought, letting him see it.

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"If we could get to the part of our relationship where we don't have to dig into each others brains that would be great" He says sarcastically, and waves, walking a little the other way before disappearing into the shadows.

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Weird And Odd Aaron smirked, you're the one that tried to hide shadow boy. She then turned away, and walked her own way, towards her room.

((Should we time skip to somewhere else))

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