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Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments

Wolf Princess

A young princess is forced to flee from the castle when the kingdom comes under attack and her royal family is over thrown. The princess makes her way into the woods hoping she can hide there for those who wish to come after her and end her life as well.
She had heard the tales of the beasts that roamed the woods in the full moon but she had never though them to be more than a story to scare children to their beds and out of the woods.
But the werewolves are real.
Can the princess out run them long enough for the moon to set? Will the wolves do what the invading soldiers could not?

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Ivydance | 575 comments I kinda like the Wolf Princess idea. :) Did you have any specific ideas for it or is it brainstorming time? >:) Or both? XD

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Both actually i was thinking that maybe she could fall for the alpha werewolf some how. He saves here countless times from the soldiers that keep coming for her, until she talkes him into helping get to the castle to take her rightful place as queen. Ooor something like that lml.

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Ivydance | 575 comments I was actually thinking something along those lines too, actually. :D Did you have a preference as to who you'd wanna be? Ooo, we could make a love triangle too, if you want. Adds drama if another pack member falls for her.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Thats a good idea. And nahh it dont matter to me personally.

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Ivydance | 575 comments Great! And what kind of werewolves did you want these to be? Old fashioned/can stand on two legs sort of deal, or just turn into huge wolves?
Hm, I think I'll be alpha wolf. I've got a few things in mind for him already.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Alright, and i was thinkin just huge wloves but since you gonna be the alpha den you can choose.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments So where not doing dis rp?

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Ivydance | 575 comments Wut? O_O I was wondering what happened to this the other day, but it seems the fault is mine. x.x No idea what happened, but sorry!!
But yes, I'd still be interested in doing it if you are!!

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Sure, I'm just up for it. Did you wanna just jump in or make characters?

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Ivydance | 575 comments I wouldn't mind just jumping in, but if you wanna make characters I'm fine with that too. :) If we're gonna just jump in, would you mind starting? I gotta get to work.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments It started as a normal night, the maids rung for the family to come to dinner. Royal was the last one to come to dinner, she sat in her normal spot at the table. Her hair was up in a bone, since she was about to paint before she heard the bell. "You look different, Red." said her older sister. Royal looked up from her plate at her sister, she smiled softly. Her sister had came to visit with her husband, who was from another Kingdom. It had been at least four years since they saw each other. Now her sister being a Queen, she understood that she was busy but she still missed her. "Really? I don't think that do." she said as fixed her hair back once a piece of hair fall out of place. Her sister smiled and they continued laughing and talking through the night with their parents and her brother-in-law.

After dinner, Royal went to take a bath. She had her maids help her into her nightgown, they cumbed out her long red hair. After that it was time for everyone to go to sleep. She went to her room and got into the bed with her. She grabbed her book from on the nightstand and started reading the book. But she stopped once she heard screaming. She got out her bed and went to door, she slowly opened it and saw her brother-in-law with the some Knights, they were walking up to someone who was on the floor. "Why Roman?.. I thought you loved me." Royal knew that voice, it was her sister. 'What is going on' she thought, she started to walk out but her sister noticed her and shook her head. Royal stopped and walked backwards back into her room but kept it cracked. "I never loved you Crystal.." he said as he chuckled and stabbed her sister. Royal couldn't believe what she saw, the man that shw thought loved her sister just killed her in cold blood.

She needed to leave, she hushed out her room. "Go get it her!!" Roman yelled as he saw Royalty. She didn't stop running, she went to the royal room and saw her parents. Her heart dropped at the sight of their bodies. She couldn't grip what was happening. But it was no time her that at least not for the moment. She heard footsteps coming from behind her, she looked at the front door and sighed seeing that there was no other escape. She run out the door and into the darkness of the night. She glanced up at the moon, and saw that it was full. The stories and nightmares of the wolves that was said to live in the woods. But she couldn't stand around out in the open, she heard footsteps getting closer and saw horses coming to her. She needed to run and hide. And the woods was the best opinion even though she was scared. She run into the woods.

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Ivydance | 575 comments Yes, there was a full moon, and loud howls began to pick up through the tall, dark trees, but nothing stirred. The howls grew closer and closer still...

Large paws trampling on the ground, a pack of wolves sprinted through the trees, leaping over fallen trunks and dodging the ones that still stood. Back and forth, they weaved through each other, making it difficult to tell how many there were. These were no ordinary wolves, but the werewolves of stories told by the townspeople. They were massive, about the size of small horses. A muscular, jet black wolf with a small tuft of white fur on his chest led the group towards the castle where they'd heard the commotion of the horses and screams. He brought them to a halt near the edge of the trees to watch, no one taking notice of the princess scurrying away into their woods. Just before the horses could go into the trees after her, they began to panic, catching wolf scent. Still, the riders urged their beasts on. Growling, the black wolf watched them go, then turned and attacked. No one was dumb enough to go into these woods, and for good reason. A horse screamed as its leg snapped under the crushing weight of a brown wolf's jaws, and the rest of the knights and their horses started to panic, running off in different directions, unable to control their animals. The fight was short and bloody, and easily won with only a few minor scratches from swords and hooves.

The black wolf let his eyes wander over the battle scene in thought before he caught sight of a horse with its reins caught in brambles. Quietly, he walked over to it, careful to avoid its kicking hooves. Yes, this would send the perfect warning... The rest of his wolves watched as he managed to free the horse and chase it back to the edge of the woods, back to the castle. Still, no one noticed they'd let someone escape...for now. The black wolf returned to his group.

'Killian! Killian, what was that for?? Now they're gonna know we're here!' the brown wolf cried worriedly through their telepathic connection, his ears and tail back submissively.

Killian looked at the wolf and blinked, then looked to the rest of the pack. 'It was a warning. A warning to them to stay out of our forests, whether they think we're here or not. I will have any man who steps into these woods killed as a reminder to them.' He about spoke again, but a silver wolf bounded over, alert.

'Sir! I smell a female!'

The pack began to stir nervously. It was against the pack's code to harm a female or a child, but there was always exceptions. They looked to their alpha, Killian, for their orders.

Killian, the black wolf, snarled irritability. How had they missed her?? 'Find her! She is not to be harmed! ...Yet. Move!' That said, the wolves raced off, sniffing about for their target. Killian kept his yellow eyes peeled for movement in the darkness.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Royal heard the sound of a fight behind her but she didn't stop she couldn't. It could be trap, tears ran down her eyes as her mind pictured her famies bodies. Them covered in the own blood. She thought that Roman could ever do such things, he killed her family. She shook her head as she ran, she needed to focus on running but by time s by email noticed her surroundings she falling. She screamed as she fall down a hill, she started flipping around. She tried stopping but she was going to fast and couldn't stop. She gasped once she her back hit the tree trunk. She granted as s by email started moving. Once she was on her knee she automatically started coughing up blood.

She was more hurt than anything but she heard something coming and it sounded big, she focused herself up thata when she realized it was her leg to. She still tried walk but the pain was to much to bear. "Oh my God." she whispered as she tried to get up once again but her back and leg would not let her.

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Ivydance | 575 comments The silver wolf - the beta and best tracker they had - flew past into the trees ahead, but she stopped and made her way around to cut the human girl off. She smelled blood and growled quietly to the others on their way that their target was wounded. Watching from the bushes, her yellow eyes glowed through, not moving her gaze. It was only a minute or so before the others arrived, forming a large circle around the princess to cut off her escape routes.

Killian was the last to join the group, and the wolves stepped aside to let him through to stand beside his beta - Jovie. He stared at Royal long and hard, debating on what to do with the girl. Finally, he made up his mind. Normally, he'd keep their prisoners away from their homes, but in this case it might prove useful; he'd recognized her face immediately and put the information to good use. Without another sound, he looked to Jovie to pass along an instruction, and then turned and whisked himself away.

Jovie lowered her ears submissively, but didn't seem to enjoy her command. She glared at the brown wolf, looked at the rest, and followed Killian out. Sighing, the brown wolf stepped forward carefully as the others also began to disperse. Lowering himself to her height, he nudged her carefully, offering her something to lean on. Or ride on, if that's the route she chose to take. He even went so far as to lick a spot of blood from her arm from when she'd coughed it up, as a gesture of kindness.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Her skipped a couple of beats when she saw a huge shadow come from the brushes. She rubbed her eyes a couple of times but once it was inches away from her it was clear what it was. "A... A... Wolf!!" she shouted but quickly covered her mouth. She leaned against the tree that she just hit, trying get more room between herself and the wolf. She closed her eyes, thinking it was the end for her. She was gonna see her family soon, but instead of feeling her skin be ripped off she felt wetness. She opened one eye and saw the wolf licking her blood, she raised an eyebrow as her second eye opened automatically. She didn't know what to make of the wolves behavior. She thought that he was supposed killer like in the stories. But it wasn't, she noticed how it seemed to want to help her. She sighed as she wrapped her arm slowly arm the wolf's neck. To help her get on her feet. She didn't trust it enough to hide it. Trusted Roman and look what happen, she looked up in the direction of her castle and no longer saw her families flag it was replaced with Roman's she sighed as tears started rolling down her cheeks again. She frowned and sighed. She was gonna get her castle back, she wasn't gonna let him take everything away from her. She tried to walk by herself but she needed falling once again. With the help of the Wolf she was back on her feet. She sighed as she wiped away her tears, she could do it now but she will soon.

She let the wolf lead her to where it seemed to really want her to go, she was hoping that it wasn't a trap. Her heart beated faster with every step. Their were sometimes where she strapped over things but the wolf seemed to be right there to help her help. On their way to wherever they was going, she couldn't understand what was going on with the wolf and why it was doing all this for her.

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Ivydance | 575 comments The brown wolf led her through the trees, deeper and deeper they went, and the woods getting darker the further they went in. The wolf sneezed and shook his head, fluffy fur at his neck a massive wave. Most the night had to have passed by the time they reached a small wooden house in the middle of no where - there was only the one door and the few windows were blocked by more planks of wood with nails. The wolves held what little hostages they had here. Their own little village wasn't far off, but wasn't within sight. The brown wolf gave a heavy sigh, not looking forward to the rest of the night: he'd have to stand guard by the door, and was pretty sure she'd be throwing a fit the whole time if she wasn't trying to escape. Escape was useless, as was hoping someone would hear one's screams. They were too far out. Either way, it wouldn't be as enjoyable as he thought the night originally would have been.

When they approached the door, he nudged it open with his large paw and looked at her blankly, waiting for her to go in. In his opinion, she should be grateful they didn't kill her or chose to leave her in the open; this way she at least had shelter, blankets, and he was sure food would be brought by Jovie in the morning. He heavily doubted Killian would be the one to come by until later, but Killian sure as hell wasn't gonna be the one delivering dishes to a prisoner. It'd look wrong as the alpha of the pack to lower himself like that. The brown wolf waited patiently, eyes not moving from her.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Robyn raised an eyebrow at the sight of the small house that the wolf seemed to have lead her to. She sighed as she watched the wolf open the door and basically told her to go inside. She didn't trust the beast but it wasn't like she had anywhere else to go. She bit her lip and leaped inside. Her eyes glanced around and she noticed that the house became like it hadn't been used in a while. Their was a bed and even some clothes that were on a chair in the corner, she sat on the bed and sighed once again before looking over at the wolf. "Thanks.." she said softly. She glanced down at herself and saw how dirty she looked. She wasn't like her sister all girly and so concerned about her looks but she did want to change. She got to her feet and went to the door. "Umm.. I better get changed and get some rest." she said to the wolf as she closed the door. She locked it and went to the chair with the clothes. They were not really her size, they seemed to be men clothes but thanks to her sister she knew she could fix it up. She took all the clothes to the bed and used a needle and throat that she kept in her hair. To fix them up to fit her better. That didn't take long and soon she was taking care of her body. She ripped the ends of her dress up to wrap her leg and her arm up. It wasn't as good as the kingdoms nurse but it made her feel better. She put her long red hair in the ponytail, she put on one of the outfits that she fixed up on and the other clothes she placed back on the chair. She sighed as the day seemed to have caught up with her, she looked up at the bed and even though she wasn't sure that she was safe. It did look comfortable, she went and sat down watch turned into her laying down. Soon she was sound a sleep.

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Ivydance | 575 comments The wolf remained outside, not quite large enough to fit through the door to begin with, and he had no trouble at all when she closed and locked the door. Sighing, he plopped himself down in front of the door and waited.

And waited...

And waited...

And -


"Ouch! The hell was that for??" came a young masculine voice the next morning from outside, clearly having just been hit in some way, shape, or form.

"You fell asleep, nimrod!" This voice was female.

"Ah, c'mon, Jovie! She didn't even make a sound! Think she went straight to bed!"

"Shut up, Malachi. Your job was to keep watch, not nap."

Malachi stuck his tongue out at her as Jovie unlocked the door and went inside, a tray of food in her hands. When she got to the old table, she made a face at it, and balanced her tray on her arm, to wipe all the crap off of it. And none too quietly either; the planks of wood and a few tins clattered to the ground. "This place needs cleaning..." she grumbled to herself, setting the tray down. On it was left overs from what she'd made her boys for breakfast. No, they weren't really her boys, but she liked to think of of them that way, even though there wasn't really much of an age difference. She'd at least made sure they'd saved her enough to actually eat, instead of the scraps they'd usually leave behind. On today's menu: pancakes with scrambled eggs and a slice of bacon; the bacon was hard won - the guys didn't want to share that of all things. In fact, Malachi stuck his head in the door having caught a wiff of it. Jovie caught him, gave him a look, and tossed an old empty can at him. "Buzz of, Mal!" He laughed like a kid and dodged back out the door.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments The sound of something being through woke up Royal, she jumped up and quickly glanced around. Her heart raced as she glanced around, she spotted a woman in front of her. She moved a pice if hair out her face so she could see clearly. She didn't understand what was going on and from last night she was already uneasy. She smelled the floor and slowly step on the edge if the bed. She granted once or twice as s by email moved. Even though she had badged herself up. It didn't help with all the pain.

"Excuse me.." finally escaped her lips, she glanced down at the food. As the smell of it made her mouth wet and plus since it was right in front of her. She couldn't help but to hope that the food was for her. "Is the for me?" she asked as she glanced up that the woman for a moment than at the end food.

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Ivydance | 575 comments The woman in front of her, Jovie, was without a doubt beautiful. Her pixie cut hair was a platinum-silver, and her eyes were the colour of rosemary. Jovie's build was feminine but strong, and she wasn't very tall. However, she definitely wasn't someone you wanted to mess with. When Royal got out of bed, Jovie more or less ignored her pain. This wasn't out of harshness...not completely, anyways...just out of forgetfulness that she was in the presence of a human, as the werewolves tended to heal quicker than the humans do. "No, I brought it for the rats, cause, you know, we feed them." Jovie said this with all seriousness, but she eventually smirked at her own sarcasm. "Joking." Her smirk dropped and she looked at Royal, dead in the eye. "You just better enjoy that bacon. It isn't easy to come by."

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Royal didn't mind the woman ignoring her pain, she actually perfored that she did. All her life, she hated that the maids, nurses and servents would come running to her for the littlest thing. Like her bumping her arm or something like that. Royal nodded once the woman said that it was for the rats. She believed her and she had sighed under her breath but once. The woman took her words back, Royal smiled softly but it was soft lived, Royal sighed at the word bacon. She glanced at the door and than back at the woman. "You can give the food to your people... I rather not eat." Royal sighed as she got to her feet and started fixing her bed. She didn't need to rest or eat and get use to living out in the woods. She needed to get her home back, matter if there was no one in the castle. She was not gonna let her people be ruled by someone like Roman. She sighed as she thought of his name.

Once she was done with the bed, which only took a couple of seconds. She turned and faced the woman. "If you don't mind, I would like someone to teache how to fight.." she said as she fixed up her hair back into the ponytail it was in last night. "I know just a stupid human come compared to all of you... But please I beg of you." Royal said, she taught to never beg for anything since she was a child but she wished that out her mind. She wasnt in the castle and she definitely wasn't about to make it seem like this wolf's owned her anything.

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Ivydance | 575 comments Outside, Malachi was obviously listening because the two could hear a triumphant "yes!" escape his lips. Jovie narrowed her rosemary eyes at the door and shrugged carelessly at Royal's comment. Her loss. "Fine by me, fine by the boys. It'll be like you aren't even here at all. Piece of cake." She began to pick up the tray again to leave when Royal made her request about learning to fight, and that's when she stopped and laughed. "Oh, honey, honey, honey," she chuckled rudely, without a care in the world. "Who do you think I am?? That power doesn't rest with me. Besides. I doubt the person you'd need to talk to would be even willing to put his time aside to teach - ah, what did you call yourself? - a stupid human how to fight. Waste of time." Jovie lifted the tray and made for the door, thinking the conversation finished.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Royal wasn't done, she sighed and rushed out after the woman. "Then take me to the wold that I have to talk to.." she said with a frown on her face. She was in pain from moving so fast to get the door. But she wasn't about to focus on that at not at the moment. "Please.." she begged.

She didn't even noticed the boy staying ground the door, her eyes were focused on the woman. At the moment, a loud thud was heard coming from the direction of Royal's castle and soon fire was saw. A tears rolled her cheek, she needed to stop wasting time. "Don't have time for long this.. If they take its not just me who will at the wrong end of the stick.. The will come here and everything and everyone that you love will be destroyed." she said not regrettimg anything that she said.

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Ivydance | 575 comments ((I'm sorry about the wait. Please don't think I'm not interested in this rp, I'm just super busy. We're cleaning the house and packing before we go on our roadtrip for Christmas, and I've been working in between that. I'll reply as soon as I can, just hopped on to let you know.))

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments -Thanks for telling me, your fine take your time.

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Ivydance | 575 comments ((Thanks for your patience!!))

Jovie narrowed her eyes at her as their prisoner made her way to the door, and as if on cue, Malachi was there to block the way. "Listen," she stated hardly, "our orders are to keep you here. You don't cooperate and things get difficult. Got it?" Her face relaxed a little and she continued. "We don't care what happens at the castle, so long as your people stay out of our woods. In case you haven't noticed, there have been hunts out for us; we have a right to hold our grudge. We have our rights to kill."

At this, Malachi glanced to the side, avoiding eye contact with anyone. Jovie noticed, but made no notification that she did. She knew his story and didn't need to make it known. She continued after a moment of silence between them all. "...But I'll talk to him; let him know of your request. However, I wouldn't get too hopeful, understand?"

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Royal sighed and nodded she opened her mouth to speak to let them they weren't her men and they would probably keep coming. But she decided to hush since they seemed to know everything. Royal sighed and backed up from the door. "Fine.." she said turning around. "Without hope, I have nothing left.".she Saud looking back at the both of them.

She went back inside and closed the door behind herself. She hoped that who the leader was that he would see that their wasn't any other way. If not then she would have to find away to escape.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments -You welcome

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Ivydance | 575 comments Truth was, they didn't know everything. When Jovie had mentioned the people being hers, she had meant the humans living in civilization in general. But the misunderstanding went unnoticed.

Malachi remained by the door for a good half hour or so before someone returned. And not just someone - Killian. Jovie wasn't with him this time. Quickly, Malachi moved from the door to let his alpha through, and the black haired man wasted no time letting himself in. His ice blue eyes scanned around the little shack until they rested on the subject he was looking for. "You seem quite ungrateful and demanding towards the ones who saved your life." He paused and glanced behind him with his muscular arms crossed, making sure Malachi had left them, which he had. Closing the door again with his foot, he looked back to her. "But I suppose that's only to be expected from a Princess."

None of the others were aware of this fact. The only reason Killian knew who she was was because he would occasionally wander into the marketplace in disguise to trade goods. He'd seen her face several times before.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Royal she sat on the bed. Her hair out the ponytail, it was dropped over her shoulder. She played with the ends of her hair, while started to think that her message did not get through to whoever was in charge but she soon saw the door swing open. Casing her to jump to her feet, she stared at the men and listened. Her heart still racing from just walking without a warning. She frowned at his words but she still waited until he was done speaking before opened her mouth to speak. "First off... Thanks are scarying me have to death." she said placing her hand on her heart, which was still beating fast. She sighed and started to speak again. "And second I'm not ungrateful.. Thank you and your pack for saving me." she added as she bowed down to him. "But me going to save my Kingdom well save your people as will.. They will keep coming, again and again. No matter who many times you kill them. Roman will order his men to coming through this woods your woods." she said. She made eye contacted the who time, it was something she learned by being a Princess Royal wasnt done but paused as she her hair out her face with a swap and tuck by her ear. "The only way to stop that from happening is by taking my Kingdom." she finished she sighed and finally glanced away from the man, who she thought she saw before but couldn't remember where.

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Ivydance | 575 comments Killian couldn't fight back a small smirk when she bowed. Odd girl. Attractive, for a human, but odd. She at least seemed to well enough aware she was among wolves, particularly an alpha, because she for some reason was good at being submissive. So was everyone else they encountered, but they weren't calm about it, instead rather terrified and acting upon their fear. But why wasn't she afraid? The people in the market would bring up the werewolves every so often, but as stories, ways to scare children to do as they're told. To keep people out of the woods in fear they'd get lost. Did she know something he didn't? Instead of answering her, or even acknowledging her requests, he stated, "You're not afraid. Why?" He wasn't worried about this Roman's men in the least. If they kept coming, they'd keep dying, and that was that. None of his packmates had ever complained, why would they now?

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments She frowned at his question. It was like didn't even hear her. She sighed and shook her head before answered. "I heard the stories since I was young and yes I was scared but none like others. I believe yall are misunderstood as beasts and monsters but that's not at all true." she said, she moved her hair behind her ear once again.

"Now back to what I was saying..." she said not wanting to waste time on things that never really matter. "Are you gonna help or not?" she asked, it was a simple question. If the answer was no than she would have put actions to her own hands. She waited standing in front of him with her fingers intertwined.

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Ivydance | 575 comments He held up a finger when she was done speaking, his expression almost confused. The man planned on having answers before deciding whether or not to help, cause why should they? "Yes. Stories. Fake. So why do you remain neutral?" He tilted his head. "It's almost like you've seen us before..." When he said "us" he'd meant werewolves in general. No one else would be so calm. He watched her intently, waiting patiently for an answer.

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments Royal never told anyone of the times that she used to say was out the castle, when she younger. And it was one of theses nights that she had spotted a boy. She had followed behind him thinking he was a villager but it turned out he wasn't. He was a werewolf will at least that's what he told her after she caught up with her. Everyday for months they had meet up at night to play together and have fun but one day the boy never came to play with her. She shook her head as she bit on her lip. "Does that really even matter?" she said, she moved her red hair behind her ear but it fall in seconds. It wasn't like him knowing about her past was gonna change anything right?

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Ivydance | 575 comments Killian stepped closer till he towered over her so she could see the seriousness in his eyes. He carefully watched every movement she made; he'd be ready if she tried to make a run for it. "Doesn't it though?" He tilted his head to observe her further, his attention gripped when she shook her head and bit her lip; actions spoke louder than words. "You're reluctant to tell me the truth, so why should I be willing to help you? For all I know, this is a setup to get us out of the woods, or hell, to even bring us into slavery. To tear up our trees to expand your little playground. Or maybe you want our hides for rugs in your palace. You've given me no reason to trust you, princess, so forgive me if I take my time making any further decisions than keeping you here, let alone alive."

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments She never felt so short before. Yes she knew she was short but compared to him she felt like midget. But she wasn't about just let him scare her down. "Slavery.. Really.. And ain't keeping me here making me your... Prisoner. she said, she stood her as spot and a crossed her arms even her mind was screaming telling her to back away from him. But she couldn't, she sighed before she spoke. "Not once did I tell you to leave the woods.. My family as never bothered the woods and Im hoping to keep it like that." she said. She knew that making him understand that she serious. But he was thinking way outside of the box. "Look you teach me right here.. Or right out the that door.." she added. She knew the answer was gonna be no. She can tell by the way he glanced down her. "Your right though I did meet one of your kinds before it was long time ago.. Me and him were not time buddies." she said with a sigh. She cleared her throat and glanced away she never told anyone but she just told this stranger.

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Ivydance | 575 comments He narrowed his eyes at her remark. "No. It's precaution. And right there is your ungratefulness. We could have killed you so easily, but instead we lodge and feed you. You don't eat and you call yourself a prisoner." He paused a moment before continuing. "And what do you know of your family? Who else would have had Brooklyn murdered??" His eyes grew dark and unfriendly. Well, less friendly than they already were. Brooklyn wasn't related to him, but all the pack members were close. Malachi had been close to her in particular. However, he let the subject drop. What good would getting angry about it again do? Relaxing only slightly, he considered the rest of what she'd said. " now it's not just a demand for someone to teach you, but a demand that I teach you..." He didn't let on, but he kind of enjoyed her standing up to him the way she was, and thought it amusing the way she would bounce back into a submissive demeanor. Very rarely did anyone dare tell him what to do, and having someone as attractive as Royal do so was quite...intriguing. He ignored her request once more, but only once more. "Now was that so difficult to explain? Give me the kid's name and I'll give you my answer."

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments She ignored all his other words. Since everytime she was about to speak he would say something else. She sighed at his last question. "He never told his name.." she said, his dark look in his eyes didn't look scary anymore. It was like he was trying to hide something. Which made her head tilt to the side for a moment. She shrugged her shoulders before deciding to ask him question seen. He seemed to want to play a questioning game. "Did someone hurt you or something?..... Your look is not scary it's just showing that this is an act so you can hide something.." she said, two could play the game he seemed to want to play. Royal didn't want anything but for someone to teach her. And seemed to out the blue and want to know how her mind worked.

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Ivydance | 575 comments Killian raised an unamused eyebrow. "Some friend," he commented, trying to think of who the kid could have been. It wasn't him, was it? Most of his childhood memories had faded since he'd become alpha; he had other things to worry about rather than things of the past. He shrugged at her comment about him hiding something. "I dunno about acting, but I'm definitely playing my part." He tilted his head to the side. "Alpha, remember?" Killian even had the nerve to pat her on the head mockingly. "Your can hereby declare your first lesson a fail, by the way. And...before you ask why: you're not only still injured," he lightly nudged her leg with his foot, "but you haven't eaten. You're among wolves - eat while you can or starve. This isn't your castle, this is survival of the fittest. No food, no strength, no gain."

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments She moves her head away from her head, she always hated when anyone did that even her father. It made her feel small, even though she was only 5'4 if that She wanted to scream when he touched her leg with his foot but she held it in and swallowed it down before she spoke. "So why come if you know you wasn't gonna teach me anyway?.." she asked thinking he just came around to laugh in her face about the idea. "And by the way it's not you because your alpha.. I can it's something else." she shrugged her shoulders. As she told there looking up at him, she couldn't help to see that he was actually very attractive, she never looked at anyone in that why before. Maybe since the only guys she saw were either every old or they was covered in fish guts. Her parents made sure that no men lived in the castle. All services were women the only men she saw were when she went to the market. She cleared her throat once she realized that she was staring and quickly looked down at her feet.

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Ivydance | 575 comments "To see what I'm up against," he smirked with a small, almost mocking chuckle. "I've got time to decide, and so do you. You won't get anywhere in your condition, so I suggest you let yourself heal if you plan on moving properly again. far as what I hide, I think that's my business, don't you?" He caught her stare and his smirk only grew, but he said nothing of it. "So. I have one last question for the time being, I think. If I agree to help you, what's in it for us? It's only our lives we'd be risking here...and being the "royalty" you are, I'm sure we could work something out."

((Sorry it's a bit shorter, got a small case of writer's block.))

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments She shrugged her shoulders as she kept her eyes staring at her feet. She knew that she was still blushing feeling the heat on her cheeks. She sighed at his next words. "Then it's no point.. Telling anymore of mmmmy business. Now is there?" she said finally looking up at him once again, not caring that her cheeks were probably still a little red. "I will tell you that once you agree to teaching me first.. But I assure you that it is something that you would be willing to do anything for.." she said crossing her arms back. Her leg started to hurt, standing on it for to long was starting to make it thub. She tried to hold the pain back not wanting to seem weak, since she could tell that the man seemed stuck on royal families being weak already. And of course being the stubborn princess she was she wanted to prove him wrong. Even when all she wanted to do was cry out in pain. "Soo do we have ideal yet or do you still need" time to think about it?" she asked, even though he didn't really say much about himself. All actually he said nothing about himself but, she knew that he would want to know what she was offering and that meant a deal would soon be in place. Even if it wasn't today, she was sure that it would be tomorrow.

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Ivydance | 575 comments ((So sorry, things are starting to get busy at work. Valentine's Day is around the corner and I work in a flower shop. ;-; I'll be busy most that month, as a heads up, but I'll respond as often as I can!))

Killian stared down at her, not the most amused person in the room. "On the contrary, as far as what's in this for me and my pack is my business. My personal life and this situation are completely different. Keep in mind you probably want my trust, so I wouldn't try playing any games." He eyed her for a few moments before taking his pointer finger and placing it to her chest. He took a step forward, using his finger to gently push her back onto her bed to sit. "I told you I'd think about it while you heal, and the way you're going right now, I'll have plenty of time. You're definitely hard headed," but he was too, "but you need to remember: survival of the fittest. You have to start thinking smart or you'll get nowhere. Continuing to stand while your leg is as injured as it is will only make it worse, and then where will you be? You say you want to be taught to fight. What you need is to be taught how to survive. Surviving will make you a fighter...unless you're a clearly appear not to be if you plan on standing up against an army. It will also make you smarter, your wits quicker..."

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments - Its fine, I just don't want this Rp to dead. It's actually one of my favorites that I'm doing. And sorry I didn't get a notification.

He was right and she hated that, Royalty sat on the bed and sighed with annoyance. But her body was and a huge relief. She glanced down at her leg and she could see it thumb. She sighed and nodded to his words, she gave in. "Fine.. Your right." she said, finally she hated the feeling that she loss to him. But her leg couldn't take it anymore. "Since you your gonna thinking about while I'm healing.. That means you got about a week but I doubt I'm gonna take that long. To get back on my feet." she said without looking up at him.

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Ivydance | 575 comments ((It won't if I can help it. :) I really enjoy it too, even though we're not very far into it haha. It's alright, it happens. By the way, you can have a werewolf character too if you want. Like for when these two aren't in the same room to converse. ))

She received a smirk in response. Triumph was sweet. "I doubt I'll take a week to decide," he shrugged with one shoulder. "I planned on speaking with my people on the matter, and I'd make my ultimate decision after that." He turned to leave, grabbing the door handle, but he paused and glanced back. "Oh. One more thing, your highness," he more or less mocked. "I'll be addressed as Killian. Nothing else." He thought for a moment and smirked again. "Unless you'd rather call me sir... But that would be too degrading for you, wouldn't it?" Killian gave a swift laugh through his nose and left, leaving Malachi to watch over the house again.

((It'd be hilarious if she found a nickname to call him lol. Like Killi or something that any leader wouldn't wanna be called in front of his people. XD))

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments - I was thinking having a werewolf character actually. I was gonna ask you if that would be cool loll. And yassssss I was thinking Killi or Lany when you first put his name up

Royalty sighed as he spoke and nodded, she didn't bother looking up at him when. He started to walk to. The door but she couldn't help herself when she heard his voice. She glanced up and sighed once again when she heard his words. "Yess sir." she whispered as he lefted out. She sighed as she grabbed on her leg. "Shhhhhiiiitttt.." she finally let go, her eyes quickly filled with tears. She put her legs on the bed and unwrapped her leg. "Ughh!!" she shouted, she flapped back. Her head laid perfectly on the pillow.

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Ivydance | 575 comments ((It wouldn't mind at all! Hahaha great minds think alike, I always say! :3 I really like Killi XD But whatever floats your boat. :3 Just a question before I respond: did you want your character to be the healer or no? I don't care either way. :) ))

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 36 comments - True loll, I'll do Killi den that's not a problem and yeahhhh sure it can be the healer. That's fine with me.

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