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Who Buries the Dead (Sebastian St. Cyr, #10)
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Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7619 comments Mod
How badly did you want to see Oliphant meet his end? What did you make of Lady Oliphant? Your thoughts about how he met his end?

Veronica  (readingonthefly) | 694 comments I really wanted to read about Oliphant in his last moments. I wanted to read about his fear knowing that he'd finally been caught out and that there would be no escape for him. Maybe that's terribly vindictive of me but he was such a horrible person that drowning, if that's all it was, was too good for him.

And his wife! Ugh, what an equally wretched woman. I felt like reaching into the audiobook and slapping her silly!

Charlene (charlenethestickler) | 1379 comments I agree that she was an awful woman, knowing what kinds of things her husband did. She could have retired to the country, if she had any scruples.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7619 comments Mod
Oh, I wanted him and his smug self gone so bad. It was very satisfying to witness him lose that smirk when he realized he was in Jarvis' crosshairs. To be looking into Sebastian's eyes and seeing his own demise. That did it for me.

Oliphant' wife? Perhaps more diabolical than him.

Lauren (laurenjberman) | 2239 comments Oliphant and his wife deserved one another. Completely odious couple and I am very pleased that Jarvis did away with him although I am disappointed that we didn't get to see him suffer!

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Sharon Kallenberger Marzola | 213 comments Lady Oliphant is sick. I was very angry with her.

In some ways you can look at Oliphant and say his savagery is part of his military training. The longer he served the more he became indifferent to the violence. It is like a doctor who can take himself outside of the surgical theater and forget he has a human life in his hand.

Then having them together as a couple, you see they both just think they are better than everyone else. Anyone beneath them doesn't deserve to live.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7619 comments Mod
It’s a rare thing when characters can evoke this level of disgust unanimously in a group read.

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