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Jess | 995 comments Should I post the plot again?

A fugitive kind of love

In a world where everything is gray Muse A is a wanted fugitive who escaped prison. He was framed for a murder he didn't commit, but unfortunately there was no proof. Muse A escaped into the forest soon getting lost. He comes upon a cottage and enters it hoping that the person inside won't know who he is. At first Muse B doesn't, but he soons figures it out. Muse A knows that the authorities will find him and so he convinces Muse B to take him to Canada, or at least that's what he thinks. Muse B is actually trying to get them to town so he can turn Muse A in. However one night they got a little too close and they kissed and their world came alive. That's when the two boys realized that they were Soulmates. Now Muse B has a decision to make will he turn his soulmate in? Or will he help him escape the authorities?

-This is an mxm
- I don't care which character you choose

message 3: by Jess (new)

Jess | 995 comments There it is ^_^

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 183 comments Awesome, thank you. And it dont care what character i am btw.

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Jess | 995 comments Uhm idc either so you can choose either that or I'll flip a coin or something

Shxnnon ♐ [Proud Stud]  | 183 comments ugh.. I can do Muse A i guess.

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Jess | 995 comments Sorry.

So characters I guess?

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