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message 1: by Georgia (last edited Oct 21, 2016 11:45PM) (new)

Georgia Mathers (georgiacartermathers) | 45 comments I'm looking for some titles that have widowed heroes who fall in love with a heroine who has been a victim of sexual assault. Can anyone give me some recommendations?

message 2: by Alicia (new)

Alicia | 21 comments I can't think of anything I have read off hand, but if I come across that during my searches I will comment with the details.

message 3: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Mathers (georgiacartermathers) | 45 comments Thanks Alicia!

message 4: by Chessela (new)

Chessela Helm | 43 comments Actually, I might have one. If you're into paranormal erotica, T. A. Grey's book Eternal Temptation has a hero who wasn't married but lost his girlfriend, and the love interest is being chased by a guy who wants to marry and sexually assault her.

message 5: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Mathers (georgiacartermathers) | 45 comments Oh okay, that sounds interesting. I'll have a look at that one. Thanks Chessela!

message 6: by Siska (new)

Siska | 5 comments The book His by Brenda Rothert sort of has that situation shes homeless and someone ends up helping her, and in the time of being homeless she has had to do many things to survive.

message 7: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Mathers (georgiacartermathers) | 45 comments Thanks Siska. It sounds a bit like Pretty Woman. It's not exactly what I'm after, but thanks. It sounds like an emotional read though.

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