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Wm Diehl | 4 comments Several Things at Once is science fiction. I wrote it last year and iUniverse printed it for me. I didn't have any money for promotion or even marketing so I am having to learn to do these things too. I love writing books, the rest is not my idea of fun.
I have book stubs available from iUniverse, if you ask me for one before I run out you can use the unique code once to get the ebook for free. If the book doesn't sell I can't afford to buy more to give away.
Please be gentle, I am new at this.

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Wm Diehl | 4 comments I can't afford to pay for a review, all I can offer is a free ebook copy. If I could come up with money for a review I would probably spend it for rent so I don't get homelessness for christmas.

message 3: by Wm (new)

Wm Diehl | 4 comments My father wrote this for the back cover:

Several Things at Once by Wm John Diehl is a gripping fantasy about a couple in the not too distant future who are struggling to live a normal life but there is the “game” and the “dream.” Once you have been in the game even the clear blue sky of the real world does not look real. The adventures of the game and the pleasures of the dream are a constant lure.
The struggles that they go through in the real world are paralleled in the game. In both there are rules to follow, corners that may or may not be cut, and needs that must be fulfilled. But the rules in the game can be changed making it more appealing at times. Get involved with them in their two worlds. Like them, you may not always know in which world they are but you will always pull for their success.
See that only the love they have for one another will carry them through.

My ability to use hype language is worse than his.
The story is about Kurt and Dee and their lives during a brief period in the near future. Implantable technology has made possible gaming that partly runs programs within the user's own brain, allowing realistic sensory inputs and action beyond the imagining of today's gamers.

I'm not sure what else I can say without giving away the story.

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Wm Diehl | 4 comments Several Things at Once is available on,, and

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