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If you're confused-

[general нιѕтory]
The Earth fell into darkness after the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, went missing entirely, leaving behind balls of light that could be transferred into energy or used as light or sources of warmth.
Corporate immediately saw the opportunity to capitalize on these spheres of energy, and together, the world powers became a singular unit and regulated the at the time, abundant amount of Ama Spheres, to be used for industrial purposes and the growing of crops, as well as a source of light (the lower cities only getting the dimmest of lights). As time went on, lower class became composed of working class and middle class faded into that lowest rank. Meaning that there were only two kinds of people in the economy. The working class, and the high class who mooched off of them due to the possibility of a rebellion being virtually zero. Today, people are constantly being taken advantage of by the rich, everyone struggling to get by while fighting off the increasing threat of the yokai (of which the government still refuses to acknowledge). The world is very corrupt, with an enormous spike in crime rates and a rise in the demand of food due to not being able to grow as much of it. Not to mention the fact that people who live on the outskirts of the high powered cities have been going missing.

Yokai are essentially supernatural beings who thrive in the dark and are naturally drawn away from the cities, but occasionally snatch away victims who get too close to the darkness that awaits just outside the city limits. You may make one of these yokai if you wish. They have their own cities underground, electronically powered using thermal energy, due to having a very high resistance to the heat of the lower levels. They don't often come up to the surface because they are not allowed onto the human realm, and if found out to be yokai by another human, they will be hunted, and killed or captured.
The Yokai are separated by a caste system that everyone abides by without protest (though some people do rebel occasionally). This caste goes as such, from lowest to highest
-Slaves (Can be purchased by higher classes, often treated badly)
-Farmers and General Laborers (Provide materials, food, clothing, etc.)
-Middle Class (Scholars, Priests, Teachers, business owners)
-Warrior Class (Guards, Hired Assassins, Spies, Killers)
-Nobility (Related to royals, protectors of the lower classes, expected to treat people fairly)
-Royalty (Least amount of people, princes, princesses, king, queen)

More to be added

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1. There is the Ice Kingdom, which is where a lot of the guns and major technology are produced, (The Eldross Plains). It is the second largest kingdom.
2. There is the Seasonal Kingdom, which is where a lot of the food for the world is collected, they still experience the passing of the seasons and are located on the largest of the isles, Khariv.
3. The Rainy Kingdom, which is where furs and finer clothing is produced. The Rain District is located within Serova and is the capital of the higher ups, the highest city, the brightest lit, and the most expensive to live in.
4. The Dust Kingdom, or better known as the Dust District, is the harshest of kingdoms, located in Baalgor. It is home to the lowest class citizens with the least amount of light and medical care.
5. "Crime Kingdom", the Light District is the most dangerous district to live in, and is run by mafia bosses as of right now. They're notorious for their night clubs and dimly lit city streets that many live in. Yokai thrive in this city.

Nash Island and Yokai are both completely overrun with Yokai and darkness, there is no light there but the stars that light the sky and occasionally, the moon that peeks over the land every now and then.

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[Commonly Asked Questions]
(Provided by DarkenRhal)

( 1 ) Face claims, only anime is allowed yes?
Real life face claims are allowed. The majority of people on here typically use anime though, including myself.

( 2 ) If so, would images described as high fantasy art be allowed or not?
That's perfectly fine man

( 3 ) In the descriptions of species their personalities and nature are described but I am assuming that one has free reign over their character(s) personality or?
The personalities are sort of default, expectations/stereotypes, but I encourage that you change that and make your character your own. They're just tendencies, patterns among the species that can easily be broken.

( 4 ) I would like to make a character that isn't defined by a rank, yet in the rank section there are no, for lack of a better term, 'rogues'. So my question is could a 'rogue' rank be added or, if I MUST have a rank, could my character not exactly follow said rank?
You don't need to have a rank no. You could just delete that part of the template and it'd be fine. Some people have done it before. Rank is just a place in society, some characters don't have one.

( 5 & 6 ) I am really confused by 'one for every twenty characters'. Does that mean a request-able character can only be made after twenty none request-able?
I mean I noted that one of the moderators have said you need to make two none request-able in order to have a request-able character so if that is done could they request more than one request-able or are they only allowed one claim?

The one every twenty characters policy is kinda confusing, I'll change it, but essentially it means that once twenty characters have been made in the group itself, like, collectively, I'll add another one of those species for availability. And if you make two non requestables, you make request up to five requestables. It's more so to make sure that people are devoted and active rather than just to balance population.

( 7 ) What is the current year?
I'd say something along the lines of 3100, it isn't our world.

( 8 ) The land, is it special or is this earth? Or?
It had another name before Amaterasu died, but the inhabitants renamed the world Kuro and split it up into districts after all of the lights went out.

( 9 ) I'm not sure how powers work either. Some just state their power level while others state actual powers. How many are allowed? What powers could an Okami have? Or can I just give my own?
Well I've gone back and checked and there's only about two characters that didn't have power levels and one of those was mine (fixed that sorry). Sometimes people forget. Usually I'm pretty lenient on it because I guess I'm just chill and also because rarely do characters ever get into full blown fist fights. Okamis typically have powers related to strength. They can transform into full okami form, half okami form, human form. Rarely do they half mind powers or crazy elemental powers. Maybe minor telekinesis.

( 10 ) Okami's, what are their strengths and weaknesses? I mean how sensitive are they to light?
Hm, they'd probably be just as sensitive as the other animal yokai. Which is to say 6/10. It irritates them and drains their energy.

( 11 ) For rogues, if added, what would be their social class? And if I must go with warrior, which class would they fall under? I mean lower, middle or upper?
If they're rogues they wouldn't really have a social class.

( 12 ) Only the seasonal kingdom experiences the seasons, so what season(s) is experienced in the other kingdoms?
The Ice Kingdom experiences a harsh winter. The Rain Kingdom experiences, well a lot of rain. It's usually real cloudy there. The Dust Kingdom is really windy but it's the warmest district. The Crime Kingdom is the clearest of all of them but due to pollution there's a slight smog. Nash Island typically has a tropical like air to it and then there's an unnamed island that the natives just call "No Man's Land". It's the darkest of all districts and is the only surface haven that's safe for yokai. It's got a moderate temperature but it's mildly cold.

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[The Yokai Realm]
The dots pinpoint entrances to the surface world

A beautiful, majestic land made underground. Fantastical in every way with fantasy forests stretching throughout the uninhabited areas. But be wary of the black water and what lurks beneath. Amabie aren't necessarily the most welcoming of yokai, and they wont hesitate to eat any uninvited visitors to their territory.

1. (Gristolle)
The largest district, the most industrialized, the most grandiose. It is the warmest district, and it's even hotter when its cities are buzzing with activity. The government isn't nearly as restrictive as the surface world, strange oddities are sold here, including actual people in slave trades. They are substantially less discriminatory as well. Though humans are not safe here. They'll be hunted quickly. And it's a common occurrence that they tumble down into this world. The rulers are two overseers chosen by the king and queen of yokai. The light and electricity are provided by geothermal energy.

2. (Morely)
The smallest district and the most rural. Things are quieter here, with yokai living in harmony. Though there are plenty of small towns where yokai are a bit more choosy about who lives where. Slaves are still sold here and pirate Amabie plague the shoreline and the black water surrounding the districts.

3. (Tyvia)
The harshest district to live in, only the most durable of yokai live here, considering that it's nearly uninhabitable. Thick forests plague this land, constantly growing and expanding. Amabie dwell here too, and generally, animal type yokai thrive here. There are no bustling cities and bright lights, only majestic nature and abandoned temples from ancient times. This is the WORST place for a human to get lost.

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The yokai live in a kingdom far below the earth's surface that exists within a series of enormous cave systems. They were driven there by humans hundreds of years ago during the war between the gods.

The surface world is where the humans live and a lot of the time yokai sneak up there anyways just to feed off people or to pretend they're human to get ahead in life. But they are not allowed there and the government doesn't even acknowledge their existence. Humans are often contracted to hunt yokai as sometimes yokai are malevolent and intend on hurting humans.

It was my bad making kings and queens for the districts, I see them more as overseers chosen by the government to look over their districts. Only the Crime District's overseers are more or less members of the mafia that took over the district for themselves and have lost contact with the EU, the Elite Unit. The government.

People generally like having the yokai more because magic
Your characters could easily move up to the surface as long as they hide their abilities and pass off as human. Just as a human who falls into the yokai realm is more or less completely fucked.

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Yokai capturing Yokai
Because there are so many differing types of yokai, the stronger ones often times overwhelm the weaker ones and take them in as slaves and servants. So much so that there is a successful, open slave trade in each of the cities, even Tyvia, the least industrialized of the districts within the yokai realm.

Human capturing Yokai
The EU, Elite Unit, is the government that dictates the land of Kuro and its light distribution. They do not acknowledge the existence of yokai but they do train forces in secret to deal with the problem, selling low level yokai in the black market to high ranking nobles and even royalty. They have just about zero rights whatsoever and are treated like absolute scum. Currently there is a ryuraijin who was captured by humans long ago in the Ice District and currently serves as a guardian to them, wrapped in chains of magic to keep him bound to their land.

Yokai capturing Human
Sometimes humans are snatched from their homes or the dark streets of the lower districts, or sometimes they just stumble upon an entrance to the yokai realm and accidentally topple down into it. On the off occasion that they aren't hunted and immediately killed/eaten, they can be captured by yokai and used as slaves or servants.

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[The Elite Unit and Light Distribution]

After the death of the goddess Amaterasu, the Elite Unit was formed after all the world powers decided to combine as a singular council, a dictatorship like government that ruled the people with an iron fist. Through their power they created the Light Distribution Company, L.D.C. And they split the company into divisions.

The Disturbance Division
They investigate disturbances within the districts. Anywhere from stolen light energy to Light Bearers themselves. Trained in areas of advanced combat and equipped with an arsenal of weapons, they only work in the interest of the company, and are incredibly loyal to the E.U. If a Light Bearer happens to be found, they'll be captured and taken back to the Light Distribution, where they'll likely be strapped to a machine and drained of their energy. The majority of this division don't realize what is actually happening to these humans, and are told that they are lethal yokai who aim to harm the humans of Kuro.
-William T. Spears (Head of The D.D.)
-Grell Sutcliff (Co-Head)

Manufacturing Division
They are essentially technicians who rewire light energy to different parts of the districts. They are high paid employees and are given incentives so that they don't tell anyone what happens in the factories.

Control Division
They file disturbance reports or any reports of stray yokai. They keep contact with the Disturbance Division at all times. There are cameras all over the districts, and they're the people manning them. They aren't trained in any form of combat, and are more so trained in computer related areas of expertise. They also watch out for gangs as well, anarchists especially.

The Elite Unit
Made up of a council of twelve, they decide what's best for the land of Kuro, and they're typically very corrupt and power hungry. They despise yokai, and yet they do not acknowledge them, because that would mean they'd have to take action. They are also VERY shady people, with ties to yokai slave traders. Often they'll sell fugitives and human rogues to yokai slave traders to be taken down to the yokai realm. And in return the Elite Unite sometimes buys yokai from them.

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The Great War
Before the war that divided humans and yokai, before the disappearance of Amaterasu, long ago, the Jibril, Ryuraijin, Nepra, and the Harpies were all at war. It wasn't simply for territory, but for dominance. As each were similar in their own ways, pursuits for knowledge, love of nature. But each had their own way of how Masio (Kuro before the goddess' disappearance) should be treated, and who should be the superior, dominating species. It ended with the Ryuraijin ultimately winning due to their astounding military strategy and brute strength. The Nepra gave up rather easily, after their numbers began to dwindle, the Jibril hardly put up a fight, but the Harpies were a worthy opponent. They fought with all they had. And this leads to a HUGE rivalry between the Ryuraijin and the Harpies today. Because the Ryu now rule the Yokai kingdom with an iron fist. Or at least, one of the last pureblooded Ryuraijin does. And she's a bit of a loose canon.

The Great Divide
A war between yokai and humans. Four hundred years ago there was a conflict amongst the gods that sent the world spiraling into chaos. Ultimately, the species were divided into yokai and humans, and the humans, with the help of Amaterasu, were forced underground. But soon afterwards, the sun goddess completely vanished without a trace. Due to Amaterasu's obvious bias towards the humans, the yokai dislike her as a deity, and often speak about her with distaste and resentment.

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Who Are the Light Bearing?
The Light Bearers are not yokai, quite the contrary, they are humans. Amaterasu is not dead, she's been captured by Kagaseo, the God of Chaos. But through her orbs of light she can see shards, fragments of the world she created, the world that once thrived in sunshine. Some humans are born with a spark that connects them more directly with their goddess. These humans were strategically picked by the goddess herself, who knew her capture was inevitable. And through their contact with the light spheres Amaterasu left behind, their sparks light into a wildfire, and they gain the powers of a goddess. These include, but are not entirely limited to,
-Conjuring flames, bright rays of sunishine, or just general images using light
-Manipulating light (scientific stuff man)
-Bursts of healing energy

Often times, these poor humans cannot control the amazing power they've been given. They have outbursts, burning structures to the ground and earning themselves a bad reputation, especially when the Elite Unit consistently makes sure that people resent them. The Elite Unit has a division made specifically for the purpose of capturing the Light Bearers and slowly draining their energy to create more light, and in turn, become a more powerful dictatorship like council. They are outcasts from society, and they struggle desperately every waking moment to conceal their powers, which seem to spiral out of control during the most emotionally tense situations.

It doesn't help that some of them actually hear Amaterasu's voice in their head, guiding them, and sometimes, even teasing them.

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