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Mel (thatgirlbookworm) | 511 comments Mod
Opening this like 3 days early because I had to change the dates and wanted 3 weeks entry.

Since the 2015 Secret Santa was a pretty big success, I decided to do it again this year! But since that was the first one, there are obviously places I could have improved, or things I notice that need to have more focus.

First things first, to enter, you MUST read all the rules. There are some steps in here that are crucial because without them you cannot enter. I am sorry in advance that this is so long but I’m being thorough.

So before rules comes explanation:

Basically, the goal of this group last year was to exchange books with someone around the world who shares a love of books, gives you the chance to get a book if you won't at home, and meet someone new! It seemed to work last year so I'm trying again.

*disclaimer before I start, all your information will be private with me and the person who receives you. I will not use your personal information for anything, and the person who gets you will not do anything other than send you a book. If you are uncomfortable with this, I am sorry but there is nothing I can do and you won't be able to enter, but I definitely understand. (I will make very very small exceptions if you want ebooks because you only need to use your email address but this can get very complicated very quickly so I’d prefer this be a last resort)

Steps to enter:

Send me a private message with your FULL name (first AND last), your address (PLEASE do not forget postal/zip/area codes, this was a huge problem last year). Also please send me your age. There is really no specific age limit, but I had a couple issues last year regarding age and I would just like to be sure I do not have any pairings that make people uncomfortable in any way. Just make sure you’re old enough to actually order things online (aka able to make some sort of online purchase). (if you have any requests in regard to age, let me know)
In the same message, send me a list of books you would want. Last year I set the list at 5 and I think that’s a good set number but you can make a list of just 1 if you want or you can make a list of 20. Just send me a list (or like you can be vague and do genres and stuff). Just remember that the more you send the bigger the surprise and the funner for your secret santa.
THERE IS A $20 USD limit (I always double check that the books are in the price limit). If you have any requirements (paperback only, hardcover only, etc, please list them as well.) There is no book limit, there is just a price limit. Messages MUST be sent to me by Thursday December 1st @ 11:59pm Because I now have a new full time job, I will be sending messages out on Thursday Dec 1st and Friday December 2nd, but some of you may receive them on Saturday. You will have until Sunday December 4th at 10am to ship out the gifts. I’m leaving myself the Sunday to organize and make sure everything is done. I may be contacting you on this day so try to make sure you’re checking :)
I know that for some of you you’ll only have a day or so to ship it, so if you don’t mind the last minute messages, please let me know as it’ll give me leeway. The reason I am having it be a weekend is so cancellations are going to be easier. If these dates do not work for you, you will need to let me know and I can see what, if anything, can be done. (this is again a really last case scenario and you must let me know in advance).
*Last disclaimer, I am only hosting this secret santa, I am in no way responsible for everyone else’s actions. Joining is always a risk in the sense that you may not receive something back. I’m going to do my hardest to make sure that this is not the case (I think last year there was only 2 problems out of 100 and I fixed them both) but I need to make sure this is stated. *See further for mention about this again*


Now due to the dates, I have some other rules. Absolutely no lates will be tolerated. You cannot join after November 29th at 11:59pm, and I will not be accepting you if you send the gift after December 4rd at 10:00am. There can be no exceptions to this rule. I tried to be accommodating last year and add lates but it ended up resulting in too many problems. Therefore, if you do not check Goodreads very often you cannot join. I need to be assured you will get the message and be able to spend the couple minutes it takes to send the gift in the time you have. There is also the possibility that you may need to cancel or I may need to get in contact with you so I need to make sure you check GR a lot, especially that weekend. I realize this is very harsh but it’s really the only way it can work. That being said, you also need to be willing to cancel your order at a moments notice and order for someone else. I will have to do a lot of switching and I know it will get complicated but if everyone just sends in a timely fashion it will go much smoother. From the 1st of December to about the 5th of December I just need everyone to be checking pretty often.
(Disclaimer: I have emailed Book Depository and been told that if you cancel an order through their contact/email thing, it will be cancelled. I know Amazon is a lot simpler but yeah I asked and confirmed)

So that is all the technical stuff that I can think of for now, if I have any more I will add to it.

Extras + Other Rules:

This next thing is 100% not a requirement, I am stating this before I post what I am about to say just so no one feels obligated. It’s quite possible that even with all my precautions, there will still be some instances where someone gets cheated out from a book. I am hoping that this is not the case, but I am very aware that it could happen. If there is anyone who is willing to volunteer to send to one other person if a problem should arise, I would be so appreciative. You would be sending to two people, and only receiving from one, so I know this is a lot to ask and again don’t feel obligated, I am only asking incase someone has the means to send to two people and is willing to do so IF I need you.
To add to this, I will not ask you to send to more than one extra person if you offer, and I may not need this, this is just an added precaution as I cannot send a book to everyone if this happens.
If you are willing, please just tell me in the message you send me.

A couple bonus points:
if you have a friend that has also joined and you do not want to be paired up because you already send gifts or what not, just let me know :)
If you do not celebrate Christmas, or any other form of religious holiday this time of the year, you may still enter if you wish! This is merely a gift exchange that for some may have a religious meaning but for others may not.
If you and the person you have live in the same country, feel free to use Amazon, book outlet, book world (Australia) or any other site. I would ask that you don’t use second hand online book shops for this exchange though.
You MAY purchase the gift in person and send it yourself but I cannot give you any extra time to do so, and I MUST have proof of the purchase in picture form which would include a picture of the book packaged and ready to ship, as well as the shipping receipt from the post office. A couple people chose to do this last year and as far as I know it worked, it just took a little longer.
If you had a bad experience last year please let me know. I want to make sure that if you give this another try despite the bad experience that you do not have a repeat experience this year.
As most people will use book depository to ship, you really do unfortunately need to live in a country that they ship to. I know there are still a few countries they unfortunately do not ship to, but I cannot really envision another way for this to work without Book Depository.
That being said, if Book Depository takes a long time to ship to you (I know in South America it’s really long) if you have any alternatives please let me know :)
As of right now I do not have a member limit for joining. I had 100 people join last year and while I found it time consuming, it was manageable. Unless I notice it hitting 300+, I will likely not cap the number of people who join. All I ask is that you give me patience in this process :)

PLEASE make sure you add all relevant information in the message you send me, last year it was very time consuming to have to chase after people for all the information. In addition to this, please comment on this post to acknowledge you read everything. You can leave a question, a comment, any advice or tips you have that I have not covered, etc. I just would like know that everyone has read through this. If you have not commented on this thread, I will not be accepting your entry to the secret santa as these rules and guidelines are important. I am adding this near the end so I know people read it, but this is the most important part of everything in this very long introduction.

If you have any questions there is a questions thread open :) As well, there will be a thread open for you to post when you get gifts. I know some of you will open your gifts on the 24th/25th, and some may open earlier or later, depending on your circumstances. There will be a thread open that is called “PRESENTS!!!” and in it you can post when you open your package. If you notice that the person you had opened their package, feel free to reveal yourself.

One little last note, I am going to be joining this year so one of you will have me! I have my lovely friend, MJ, aiding me this year and she will be in charge of a few things this year. That being said, a few of you will be sending your sign up messages to me, but will be receiving your message and replies from Maryjane. She will also be in charge of the person who has me.

Last year I did not send confirmation messages to people when they joined, this year I will be sending out conformation messages so you know that you’ve done the things I require :) If you do not hear from me in 24 hours it’s likely because you forgot some sort of information. As it would take me ages to tell everyone what they’ve forgotten, feel free to message me back after 24 hours if I don’t get back to you, or if you want to be thorough :)

Okay… I think I got all my bases covered now. Hopefully this goes as smoothly as possible and is fun for everyone!

PLEASE avoid posting questions in the thread of this. There will be a questions thread and you can message me :)

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Nele (neltjuhv) | 26 comments Read and understood

message 3: by Sofie (new)

Sofie | 36 comments Hey Mel, super excited to do this again for 2016 :) I have read all the details and will send you a message through now

message 4: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Tattersall (mothgender) | 24 comments I've read it all and am sending my entry soon!

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Ashley Marie  | 61 comments Read!

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Krystol | 2 comments Read!

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Paula (paulacruzp) | 16 comments Read!

message 8: by Indydriven (new)

Indydriven Read and I have sent my entry.

message 9: by Laura (new)

Laura HI, everyone! Wahoo, here we go again!

Read and sending:-)

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shelby (wonderingreader) | 20 comments I have read this, and I'm so excited!

message 11: by Leelynn (new)

Leelynn (Sometimes Leelynn Reads) ❤ (miyukinightshade) Read and sending my message to you now. I'm excited for my first book exchange!

message 12: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Christian (kwcreads) | 7 comments Got it! Thanks for all you do!

message 13: by Krystol (new)

Krystol | 2 comments I am very excited to this is my first time.

message 14: by Catriona (new)

Catriona (catriona19) So excited to do this again. Read and will send my message soon.

message 15: by Mel (new)

Mel (thatgirlbookworm) | 511 comments Mod
Just to confirm that everyone who has entered properly so far has received back their confirmation message. If you entered but did not receive a message either check to make sure you had all the info you needed or just ask me :)

message 16: by Angelique (new)

Angelique This looks like fun! I've read the above and I'll be sending my message in a minute.

message 17: by maria helena (new)

maria helena (mariahel) | 10 comments Read and sent message. (And thanks Laura for telling me about this!)

message 18: by Maria (new)

Maria Casey (maria_casey) | 10 comments SO excited to take part again. Rules read and understood.

message 19: by Anne (new)

Anne (baroqueen) Read!

message 20: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Kamphuis Read!

message 21: by Mel (new)

Mel (thatgirlbookworm) | 511 comments Mod
Guys just a casual reminder to read this entire post. There are a lot of people who aren't doing everything they need to to join.

message 22: by Ashley Breanna (new)

Ashley Breanna (ashleybreanna13) Read!

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TL  | 100 comments read:) Just sent my message

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Emily Rabecca (northernbellebookworm) Read!

message 25: by Laura (new)

Laura maria helena wrote: "Read and sent message. (And thanks Laura for telling me about this!)"

You are welcome! Mel did such an amazing job organizing this last year and it was so much fun!

message 26: by Mel (new)

Mel (thatgirlbookworm) | 511 comments Mod
Thanks Laura!! I am glad you liked it and thank you so much for inviting others to join :D Feel free to do the same everyone!

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Jill1201 Read:-)

message 28: by H (new)

H (hiisdaarkmaaterials) | 1 comments Read and understood, will consider the risks and decide by this weekend if I'll join.

message 29: by Thalia (new)

Thalia | 4 comments Read ^_^ can't wait to do this again!

message 30: by Mel (new)

Mel (thatgirlbookworm) | 511 comments Mod
I'm sorry that I will be constantly repeating this between now and the end of entry, but if you have not received a confirmation email and you sent your info, please message me again.

message 31: by val (new)

val (highlylogical) | 7 comments Hey Mel. Read and understood :)

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Pilar (tamacodechi) | 7 comments Read, understood, and super excited for this! :D

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Sruthi (sruthi_me) | 5 comments Read

message 34: by Selena (new)

Selena (york123) | 1 comments Read and thank you!!

message 35: by Tyler Leigh (new)

Tyler Leigh | 11 comments I have read it, sent you my message, and read it again just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

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Jade (jdthebooklion) | 6 comments Read! Going to send my message now!

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Erica Olsen (erikarou) | 3 comments Simply amazing!

message 38: by Steph (new)

Steph | 39 comments Read! Super excited to be doing this again this year. Sending my message now before I forget the deadline.

message 39: by Leanne (new)

Leanne (leasloveofbooks) | 3 comments read and sending messge x

message 40: by Mel (new)

Mel (thatgirlbookworm) | 511 comments Mod
So because of scheduling for someone the first SS message HAS been sent!!

message 41: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (kellydellene) Read and understood! Thanks for taking the time to do this again, Mel! :D

message 42: by Mel (new)

Mel (thatgirlbookworm) | 511 comments Mod
Guys this ends in a little over a week!! Invite people if you want :D

message 43: by Linakatarina (new)

Linakatarina Read and understood! Will be sending my entry soon! This is so exciting! :)

message 44: by karen (new)

karen (karenbrissette) | 102 comments read and excited!

message 45: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Just got invited, read everything and am sending my message now! Super excited to be part of this :D

message 46: by Mel (new)

Mel (thatgirlbookworm) | 511 comments Mod
Guys just letting you know that I've changed dates around (nothing major). Sign up will be ending a little bit later than I had it as I don't think I will need 3 days to send out messages. Messages will still be expected to be sent out Friday December 2nd. The date to have your book ordered by has not changed.

message 47: by Sonya (new)

Sonya I haven't heard of this book depository before...

message 48: by Aude (new)

Aude Neste | 24 comments Read and understood :)

message 49: by Dalar (new)

Dalar P | 20 comments Got It! Glad to be entering again this year. :)

message 50: by Holly (new)

Holly Read and Im so excited to be doing this again this year

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