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Anike Kirsten (anike_kirsten) | 12 comments Series name: The EquiLibria Pulp Series.
Author: Anike Kirsten.
Series description:
"A strange world of beasts and men captures the imagination of a Librarian. A world of magic and injustice opens up to her with wide arms. Cara must struggle through hardships, change and confusion to learn and understand her world. As she fights through horror and deceit, Cara learns about herself and what she really is.

A conflict of identity forces her to choose between two sides: Beasts or Men. If only the choice were that simple, as she later discovers, Beasts are the artificial products of early Man's technological endevoures; built many aeons ago.

Cara discovers that the world is not quite what she was taught it to be. She is plunged further into the dark and chaos but a beacon of light promises clarity. All she ever knew was a construct of the anscestors long gone, maintained by the Elders to ensure order according to their wishes. The secret lays buried in society, beckoning for her to set it free, but can she do it without losing all she holds dear?"

Books in the series:
- EquiLibria: 1st Part

- EquiLibria: 2nd Part

- EquiLibria: 3rd Part

Thanks! Is there anything else you need?

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Anike Kirsten (anike_kirsten) | 12 comments I see I misspelled "ancestor". Oops.

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