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Albus and Scorpius?

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Isabella Just friends? Or do you think there is something more going on? My friend mentioned this to me, and it kinda seems like they are set up for being more than just friends. I would love to know what everyone else thinks.

Paula Vince I know lots of people have speculated about that, but I didn't get those vibes at all. I thought it was just a very close bromance, which is also great to see represented in literature. There are not enough close, non-sexual male friendships IMHO, and they really ought to be represented. It's nice to think these two boys are paving the way for more honest, tender male friendships without any romantic innuendos. But if it was true, can you imagine the awkwardness of them breaking the news to Harry and Draco?

Niti I think they are just best friends forever and Paula is right it would be super awkward if they broke out the news...

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Julia I agree. Just friends. But there really was a lot of queer-baiting going on...

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