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Alexandra Cotter The class I am working in for my Advanced Field Experience just recently read this book. Each and every single student LOVED the book - they talked about it for days. Their teacher and I saw that they were so interested, so we decided to do a writing lesson with the book. Each of the students chose a crayon color from the book and were given a writing outline. On the outline it had the student write down the crayon color they chose, an introduction sentence about the color, three reasons why they like this color, a conclusion sentence, and then they signed their name. Once the students finished their outline, they were given a writing sheet. The students were to take their outline and construct it into a letter. At the bottom of the writing page there was a box for them to draw a picture of what they wrote about. After the students finished their writing, they got to color a big picture of a crayon (the color they chose) so that they could glue their writing onto this crayon. The students were so excited for this project, and they enjoyed every second of it! Once the crayons were complete, they were hung on the outside of the classroom door so that everyone could see them! Each student was so proud of what he/she had created. Not only was the final product a beautiful array of colors for decoration, but the writing that the students had come up with was so interesting to read. I think this is a great lesson to get students into persuasive writing... I would say that the second graders that I work with did a great job at trying to persuade the crayons to not quit!

Brigitte Brulz That sounds like such a fun activity to do with kids to go along with this entertaining book. I am still amazed that The Day the Crayons Quit was rejected by numerous publishers for 6 years before it was finally sold because it definitely is a great read.

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Sharon S That is brilliant! I love how you made the story come to life for the children;)

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