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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Mother overdoses and dies girl and sibling go to live with rich grandmother they've never met. [s]

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Jenny (jennytr) | 175 comments Trying to remember the title of a book I read awhile ago probably in the last 3 years..
All I can remember is its about a teenage girl who lives with her mum and younger sibling the mums a druggie, they live in a trailer and the mum overdoses and dies, the kids grandmother who they've never met takes them to live with her and she's rich, the teenage girl then attends a posh school, I think she stays in the pool house coz she's older? I wanna say there's a scene on a car bonnet with a boy? But I could be mixing books! Any help would be great thank u

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Jenny (jennytr) | 175 comments Thank you, yes that's it! Sorry I've only just come across this I didn't get notification for you comment!

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