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message 1: by Baris (new)

Baris Ozyurt (ex_libris_ozyurt) | 3 comments Hello,

I am having a problem with book names have an uppercase ‘i’ in Turkish book names.

Uppercase of letter ‘i’ is ‘İ’ in Turkish, not ‘I’.

For example, I am searching a book names ‘Üç İstanbul’; no result. ‘Üç Istanbul’ search term (using I, not İ) finds the book.

I am developing web applications with PHP and MySQL, adding line below to my connection code before query fixes:

mysql_query("SET CHARACTER SET utf8");

I am not sure is Goodreads using PHP / MySQL. Is there anything I can fix to this bug?

All the best,

Baris Ozyurt

message 2: by Derek (new)

Derek (derek_broughton) | 13 comments What GR is using behind the scenes probably doesn't matter. The problem is that the database is maintained by the users (including feeds from publisher-data), and if the titles aren't entered in correct Turkish they won't be searchable that way.

You can't search from the GR pages for "İstanbul", either. When I try, it tells me:
"No results found for İstanbul
Search instead for i̇stanbul hatırası (başkomiser nevzat #4) | istanbul: memories and the city | i̇stanbullular | i̇stanbul kırmızısı | i̇stanbul'da bir zürafa"

which suggests that while there are some correct Turkish characters in there, your ‘İ’ isn't present. (Incidentally, actually clicking on the link provided for that book still doesn't find it, but that's another problem...)

message 3: by Baris (last edited Oct 19, 2016 10:09AM) (new)

Baris Ozyurt (ex_libris_ozyurt) | 3 comments Hello Derek, thanks for your comment. See the example, the book's name is

İstanbul Hatırası. User added book title to GR correctly as it's title is 'İstanbul Hatırası'. But searching 'İstanbul Hatırası' shows no results; searching 'Istanbul Hatırası' shows the 'İstanbul Hatırası'.

This blocks all Turkish users to search any book titles includes 'İ' letter. Which I think is a serious bug.

message 4: by Derek (last edited Oct 19, 2016 12:38PM) (new)

Derek (derek_broughton) | 13 comments Well, that doesn't seem right, you've used ‘İ’ but the title appears to be ‘i̇’. Not the same unicode character (and I'm never sure if cutting and pasting is working with unicode, but what I see for the character in the example looks like a lower case italicized Latin 'i', not your uppercase turkish version—definitely a different character).

message 5: by Baris (new)

Baris Ozyurt (ex_libris_ozyurt) | 3 comments This book's title is added with letter 'İ' :

It appears to be 'İ' (not i)

But not searching with 'İ'.

Instead, searching with I (upper case on 'i' in English) finds that book.

'İ' is upper case of 'i', 'I' is upper case of 'ı' in Turkish.

Still, it's a bug that blocks Turkish users to search some books with Turkish title.

All the best.

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