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message 1: by Yeo (new)

Yeo Bean | 5 comments What makes him so strong? He doesn't seem like a normal valg prince, given that Aelin never went "thank god, I've beat his kind before"

Additionally, how did he beat dorian? Isn't dorian's magic practically boundless? Aelin herself stated dorian's power was "infinite".
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message 2: by Nikita (last edited Oct 19, 2016 07:20AM) (new)

Nikita I think the king was strong because of the fae heritage in him despite it being so small it was enough for a valg to inhabit him. Maybe this valg was weaker because it had something do with how long the valg was inside the king. Remember wasn't the king possessed by the valg back in his youth? So it's been years decades, even.

Yes, he had enough strength to keep the valg from sensing Dorian but what if being inside a person for so long weakens them. Kaltian (name may be misspelled) was able to destroy the valg inside of her but that was because of her fire power.

I think it's also because Dorian's magic was new and raw. Isn't there a theory of new magic being wild and uncontrollable before being harnessed into something powerful?

imashamedofmyoldreviews (pleasedontjudgeme_ichanged) Aelin didn't go I've beat his kind before because she wasn't Aelin. Celaena isn't fae. She doesn't have the hearing, the sight, the anything.

message 4: by Yeo (new)

Yeo Bean | 5 comments @BookishSerendipity even after she shifted into fae form when the magic was released in Queen of Shadows she still did not show any kind of recognition or relief. Only desperation

imashamedofmyoldreviews (pleasedontjudgeme_ichanged) Then maybe the scent of him didn't seem different at all because that was his scent all along.

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