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Adventures in YA (adventuresinya) | 41 comments Mod
We would like to do a Q&A show and wanted to know if you have any questions for us.

Kristin is convinced no one will ask a question. Let's prove her wrong. ;)

message 2: by Gracie (new)

Gracie Tyler (gracie1913) | 2 comments What mad you guys start a podcast?

message 3: by Katie (new)

Katie (ishipmeandbooks) | 3 comments Podcasting questions: What equipment do you use for podcasting? How long in advance do you record episodes before they're posted? What do you find most challenging about podcasting?

message 4: by Katie (new)

Katie (ishipmeandbooks) | 3 comments For Kristin:
1. How did you decide to become a librarian?
2. You mentioned a grad school assignment of having to defend a controversial book. Have you ever had a book challenged at your library?
3. Have you read The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black yet? You said you've read 3 books from the 6 book challenge, but I only recall you mentioning reading the graphic novels and Vampire Academy on the podcast. I'm a Holly Black fan, and I'd be interested in hearing your and Sara's thoughts on one of her books.
For Sara:
1. Listening to this podcast makes library events sound like so much fun, and i want to get more involved with my library. How did you start helping with library events?
2. You've talked about culling your book collection before. How do you decide what books to keep and which to get rid of?
3. The Dorothy Must Die series has announced there will be a 4th book. Are you still planning on finishing the series now that there's another book?

1. Outside of YA books, what are your favorite types of books?
2. What's you're favorite thing about working with teens?
3. Are you put off of reading book series? I don't mind them as long as they have a defined character and plot arcs, but I try not to start series with more than 7 books. Do you have a limit of books in a series you'll commit to reading, and how many books in a series do you consider to be too many?

message 5: by Katie (new)

Katie (ishipmeandbooks) | 3 comments You can ignore my 3rd question for Kristin, I just listened to the episode where she talks about Darkest Part of the Forest

message 6: by Brent (new)

Brent | 1 comments 1. What are your favorite characters?
2. What kind of themes in a book would you say that you gravitates more towards? (For example friendships, the loss of a loved one, and/or hard to talk about issues.)

message 7: by Karen (new)

Karen Drake | 2 comments I do whatever I can to get books into the hands of my high schoolers, including hosting a 700+ book classroom library, listening to your podcast, and reading as much as I can fit into my teacher/mom schedule, but am always looking for more ways to draw in my reluctant readers. Any off the beaten path book recs? I love hearing what the teen book club reads, and you have your hands on a lot of up and coming YA stuff, which I also appreciate.
Are there other YA focused podcasts that you know of? I LOVE yours and always recommend it to teachers in my department, but besides it, I only know of mixed variety shows like Get Booked and What Should I Read Next with Anne Bogel. I'm constantly trying to keep up with what I don't have time to read and the genres I don't read so I can recommend to students, and podcasts help me big time.
Related, you all should do a take on the what should I read next show. It could be cool!

message 8: by theisleofbooks (new)

theisleofbooks | 1 comments These aren't really questions but more of a suggestion for future podcasts, have you guys considered doing an episode of overhyped/overrated books/books that had such great reviews but were not one of your favorites? I know you guys did a podcast on underrated books but it'd be interesting to hear about the opposite side of the spectrum.Also, I think Sara should should do a segment of "if you like this k drama, you should read ..." (or vise versa "if you like this k drama you might like this book). Love the podcast, keep up the great work!

Adventures in YA (adventuresinya) | 41 comments Mod
Thanks for the questions. Instead of doing a Q&A show will will be answering the questions in different episodes. Keep listening, you just might hear your name mentioned on the show. And keep the questions coming!!

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